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Upon your acceptance of employment with Drury University, there will be several forms you must complete to begin payroll processing and facilitate other new employee processes, such as establishing an e-mail account, obtaining a parking hang-tag, etc. The grid below lists and describes the various forms and indicates when they must be presented to Human Resources.

In most cases, there will be sufficient time for HR to mail these forms to you to complete prior to your first day of work. If not, you may either come to the HR office to complete them on your first day of work, or you may download them (by clicking on the form name), complete them, and bring them to the HR office on your first day of work.

I-9 Forms

Deadline: Immediate
Section 1 must be completed on your first day of employment and identification documents must be presented to HR within your first 3 days of work.

Please review page three to view the acceptable documents list that will serve as acceptable forms of identification you may present to complete the Form I-9. 

Documents must be original and unexpired.  You must present one document from List A or a combination of documents from List B and List C.

W-4 Forms

Deadline: Immediate

Required for all new staff and faculty. Without these forms on file, we are required to deduct withholding taxes at the highest rate, which is based on single marital status with 0 allowances.

Employee Information

Deadline: Immediate
You may mail this form to HR prior to your first day of work, or turn them in when you turn in your I-9.

Complete as much information as possible. HR will obtain the other information when it is available (i.e. campus e-mail address, campus phone extension, etc.). Note: This form does not apply to student staff.

Direct Deposit

Deadline: Immediate
Due with W-4s, but no later than your first payroll deadline. If you are not sure when that is, please check with HR.

Attach a voided check.

Required for Faculty Only

Deadline: Immediate
Required for all new faculty and adjunct instructors.

Required for Student Staff Only

Deadline: Immediate

Required only for student staff.