Welcome to Payroll at Drury University! We are here to make your pay as seamless as possible.  If you have ANY questions, please ask.  It is easier to make corrections on the front-end than to fix on the back-end.

Drury University started using ADP as our Payroll processing system on 6/1/2021.  All pay information after that date, including W-2s and 1095-Cs, will be listed in ADP.  Pay information prior to that date, including W-2s, will still be listed in MyDrury.

We strongly encourage you to look at your Pay Statements on a regular basis, especially after making any changes such as address, tax elections, or direct deposits, to verify for accuracy.  If you have any questions about something on your Pay Statement, please refer to the contact info on the right.

Please remember to keep your information, especially your address, up to date.

Contact Us

David Stenerson

Payroll Manager
Phone: (417) 873-6858
Hours: Monday – Friday; 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CT


  • The ADP website is
  • You are in control of your information
    • You can:
      • Update your address
      • Update your Federal and State tax elections
      • Update your direct deposit account(s)
      • Enter Time Off requests
      • And much more

ADP Account Set-Up

  • New Hires will receive an e-mail with instructions on accessing ADP the first time
  • Go to the ADP website and follow the prompts to:
    • Select User ID – this does NOT have to match your Drury e-mail address (but it can if you would like)
    • Select Password
      • Between 8 and 64 characters
      • MUST include a minimum of 3 out of 4 of the following items:
        • Uppercase letters (A,B,C…)
        • Lowercase letters (a,b,c…)
        • Arabic numerals (0,1,2…)
        • Special characters (!,@,#…)
      • All special characters on keyboard are permitted
      • Cannot contain more than 3 repeated characters
      • Cannot contain more than 3 sequential ascending or descending characters
      • Cannot contain the User ID, last name, Social Security Number, or the word “password”
      • Cannot be identical to the 4 previously used passwords
      • ARE case-sensitive
      • Expire every 180 days
      • Some common passwords are not allowed – Be creative!
    • If you have forgotten your User ID or password, simply click “Forgot your xxx?” on the main screen.
      • You will be asked to verify your identity through your birth date or mobile phone number (from data that is already in ADP) for security purposes


  • Click on the Myself tab to access your
    • Profile
      • Phone Number
      • E-mail address
      • Emergency Contact
      • Pay Rate and Frequency
    • Personal Information
      • Dependents & Beneficiaries
    • Time Off
      • Balances (if applicable)
      • Request Time Off (if applicable)
        • All Time Off Requests must be made through the Time Off calendar not on the Timecard
      • Benefits
        • Enrollment Elections
        • Life Changes
          • Marriage
          • Divorce
          • Add/Remove Child
        • Add/Change 403b/Roth elections for retirement
      • Employment
        • Organizational Chart
      • Pay
        • Calculator
        • Payment Options (Direct Deposit Accounts)
          • Can have up to 3 accounts
          • Select dollar amount of percentage
        • Tax Withholdings (both Federal and State)
          • Must start with Federal tab before proceeding to State tab
        • Pay & Tax Statements
          • Pay Statements by Pay Date
          • Annual W-2s by year – SIGN UP FOR ELECTRONIC DELIVERY
          • Annual 1095-Cs by year – SIGN UP FOR ELECTRONIC DELIVERY
        • Time & Attendance
          • Timecard
          • Schedule
          • Holiday List

Pay Periods

  • Exempt/Salary employees are paid on a Monthly basis on the last business day of the month
    • Pay period covered is first day of the month through last day of the month
      • Example: 1/1 through 1/31 would be paid on 1/31
    • Non-Exempt/Hourly employees are paid on a biweekly basis (every other Friday)
      • Pay period covered is Sunday at midnight through 2 Saturdays later at 11:59:59 and paid on the following Friday
        • Example: 1/8 (Sunday) through 1/21 (Saturday) would be paid on 1/27 (Friday)
      • Payroll must be processed at least 72 hours prior to the pay date to meet all Federal deadlines