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The commitment of the graduate programs at Drury University is to the highest quality of education for the highest caliber of students through the best and most dedicated of faculty. The programs serve as a small number of students who continue on to receive doctorates, but primarily serve students as a terminal degree.

Application Deadlines

Begin Class Application Deadline
June 5 May 25
August 21* August 11
October 23 October 13
January 16 January 5
March 8 March 18

*MBA, Master in Public Service & Safety Leadership, and most certificates have a fall start date only.

Contact Us:

College of Graduate Studies

Burnham Hall 203
Office: (417) 873-7530

Grad student getting their stole put on.

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- Jeff Riggins

An in-school deferment while completing a graduate degree could provide a temporary student loan respite. Student loan payments were deferred in 2020 under a provision of the CARES Act.  This deferment has provided critical relief to tens of thousands of……

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19 June 2023


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14 May 2024
19 June 2024


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