Master in Integrative Leadership

Available Fall 2020

Drury's Master in Integrative Leadership degree allows students to customize their master’s degree with relevant programs that most closely align with their career goals and interests. For this degree, students will complete two separate 12-credit hour certificates, connected by two courses that help them bring it all together.

Each certificate is offered online or via synchronous video courses as four 8-week courses in Fall and Spring semesters, making it possible to start a certificate in August and complete it in May.

Certificates available: 

For information on Drury's other leadership related programs, visit the Drury Leadership Collaborative.

Connector courses:

MILE 600: Integrative Connections I: Research and Project Planning
3 credit hours

This course introduces students to the process of designing an applied research project that satisfies a question or problem in an organizational or community context. Upon completion of the course, students will have a foundation for developing an in-depth project that demonstrates an integrative approach to leadership and problem-solving.

MILE 700: Integrative Connections II: Capstone Project
3 credit hours

This course is the culminating experience of the master’s program. Students will design and complete an applied capstone project that draws upon theoretical foundations in the disciplines in which the certificates are grounded. The project, designed to inform professional practice, will demonstrate skill in oral and written as well as competencies in research, analysis and integrative thinking.

Why choose a Master in Integrative Leadership? 

  • Specialized, stacked credentials will help you develop the combination of knowledge and skills needed to enhance your approach to solving complex problems in the workplace and in your community. 
  • You will gain essential knowledge and skills in a short amount of time by completing one certificate before moving on to a second certificate. 
  • This highly tailored master’s degree will support your unique career goals and professional interests.
  • A 2017 Forbes article indicated that individuals earning a certificate might expect a 13% - 25% increase in their annual salary. By stacking certificates to pursue a master’s degree, you may experience an increase in income prior to the completion of the full master’s degree as you are able to immediately claim and use your new knowledge and experiences. 


Drury Leadership Collaborative
Dr. Lori Slater, Director