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Drury’s Master in Integrative Leadership degree allows students to customize their master’s degree with relevant programs that most closely align with their career goals and interests. For this degree, students will complete two separate 12-credit hour certificates, connected by two courses that help them bring it all together.

Each certificate is offered online or via synchronous video courses as four 8-week courses in Fall and Spring semesters, making it possible to start a certificate in August and complete it in May.

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How can this degree help you advance your interests? Here’s an example of how it could work: 

  • Interest area one
    You aspire to share your content expertise in workshops, training sessions and digital spaces. Consider the Instructional Design and Technology Certificate to develop the insights, strategies and skills that allow you to deliver powerful content to targeted audiences.
  • Interest area two
    You have a passion for advancing the mission of a nonprofit organization. Earn the Nonprofit Leadership Certificate to strengthen your knowledge of stakeholder perspectives and mission-centric operations.

Connect the two certificates by completing a project that integrates your knowledge of adult learning and instructional design with nonprofit programming and outreach. You can enhance your credentials while addressing an important community issue.

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Certificate Details

  • Coursework is 100% online
  • GRE not required
  • Each graduate certificate is 12 credit hours
  • Certificate courses are eight-week sessions, starting in the fall and ending in the spring, making it possible to complete a four-course certificate in two semesters
  • A limited number of transfer credits may be eligible for degree requirements
  • GMAT required for the Business Ventures Leadership certificate only. Test and fee waivers available to qualified students

Policies & Funding

Program Policies

  • New graduate students who apply for the Master in Integrative Leadership may enroll in MILE 600 after completing 12 credit hours of certificate coursework. Upon completion of two certificates and MILE 600 Integrative Connections I, students are eligible to enroll in MILE 700 Integrative Connections II.
  • Students who have previously earned one graduate certificate at Drury may apply for the Master in Integrative Leadership program. Integrative Connections I may be completed before enrolling in the second certificate. Per the Graduate Catalog, all requirements for a degree program must be completed within seven years.
  • Students who have earned the Master of Nonprofit and Civic Leadership may apply the 12 credit hours of core MNCL coursework (MNCL 601, 602, 603, 604) toward the Master in Integrative Leadership. (The certificate title will not be retroactively added to the student’s transcript.) Per the Graduate Catalog, all requirements for a degree program must be completed within seven years.
  • A maximum of six credit hours may be transferred into the 30-credit hour program.

Funding Your Studies

  • Affordable payment plans available through Drury
  • Federal financial aid eligible via FAFSA. Apply for financial aid at
  • Competitive graduate assistantships provide tuition remission and stipend
  • Consult your employer for tuition reimbursement opportunities


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