Nonprofit Leadership Certificate

4 courses | 12 credit hours | 100% online

We are now accepting applications for our Nonprofit Leadership Certificate

The Nonprofit Leadership Certificate offers timely and relevant coursework to strengthen and extend the leadership capacities of individuals in the nonprofit sector.

  • While most employees have passionate commitment to their organizations, many may not have the background education to lead and manage the organizations most effectively. 
  • This certificate program serves those on the front lines of nonprofit organizations with courses featuring the meaningful integration of theory and practice.
  • The certificate consists of four courses (12 credit hours) that can be counted toward the 30 credit hour (10 courses) Master of Nonprofit and Civic Leadership degree. 

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Drury coursework really took me to the next level and opened up my career opportunities. The information we covered was so relevant that I could take it into work and apply it to my job immediately. I would highly recommend this program to any one that is wanting to be in leadership in a nonprofit.

- Felicia Gummi, Director of Development, Texas Can Academies - Dallas

Curriculum (12 hours) 

MNCL 601: Foundations of Nonprofit and Civic Leadership
3 credit hours

Nonprofits have always played a vital role in the health and wellbeing of our nation. The influence and size of the industry has gone through many phases, and has experienced dramatic growth over the past decade. Organizations now have higher levels of accountability and scrutiny. This course examines the history, traditions and values, and current issues facing the sector. Through a variety of readings, case studies, and guest speakers, students will gain knowledge of the sector’s evolution, purpose, strengths and challenges.

MNCL 602: Governance and Executive Leadership
3 credit hours

Nonprofit organizations have unique purposes and approaches, unlike much of the business world. This class will prepare students for effective staff and board leadership. Students will gain knowledge on board and volunteer motivation, recruitment and retention, and best practices for creating a diverse and committed organizational leadership team. Class will include techniques of inspiration, motivation, conflict resolution, and consensus building.

MNCL 603: Fundraising and Philanthropy
3 credit hours

Fundraising is an essential component of most tax- exempt organizations. Raising money for a cause is extremely competitive and can be quite challenging for organizations dependent on donations. Ever-changing laws and donor expectations require leaders to be well informed and creative in the area of fund development. This course examines fundraising and philanthropy history, trends, and techniques from the eyes of individuals, corporations, and foundations. Students will learn from case studies, readings, firsthand research and guest practitioners. Students will work directly with a local nonprofit to produce fundraising materials.

MNCL 604: Financial Oversight for Nonprofit and Civic Organizations
3 credit hours

Most nonprofit organizations are small operations and don’t have the luxury of employing a CFO or a financial expert. For that reason, Executive Directors must have the knowledge to oversee the organization’s financial component. This course provides a foundation for accounting and effective financial management. Students will learn to manage an organization’s fiscal resources by focusing on policies, controls, statements, budgeting and reporting. Students will learn from hands-on exercises, real world case studies, and guest lecturers with industry experience.

Program Distinctiveness

Program Highlights

  • Start in August, finish in May.
  • The four sequential 8-week courses ensure students are enrolled in only one class at a time.
  • The certificate program is 100% online and features multimedia experiences to foster student engagement. 
  • Tuition and fees are less than $6,000.
  • Certificate courses count toward Drury’s Master of Nonprofit and Civic Leadership. 

A bachelor's degree (3.0 cumulative GPA) is required for admission. 

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