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For our students, for our University, and for our world.

The students who call Drury home are here because they want more from their education. They know at Drury they will be nurtured and empowered to think outside of the box, to be problem solvers and change-makers. At Drury, our students are the architects of their destiny and forge their own unique paths.

Through Drury’s storied history, we have continued to stand out as a cutting-edge institution, most recently launching a new curriculum, opening the innovative O’Reilly Enterprise Center, investing in a Physician Assistant Program, and adding extra-curricular opportunities. This growth has allowed for a more well-rounded education and impactful student experience.

Together we can and we must continue this momentum. Now is the time to Fortify the Future for our students, for Drury University, and for the world. This campaign will allow the university to invest in people and places to help cultivate a new generation of community and world leaders poised to heal the rifts of today and to build solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. Guided by the university’s campus master plan, we will invest in the spaces that shape students’ lives and lead to their success.

Why Now?

The world is changing and so are our students.

Now, more than ever, they need guidance, support, and a sense of community and connection as they pave their paths into adulthood. This is the moment for Drury University to heed that call as a distinguished institution. We can do that by investing in our students, programs, and the places that are at the heart of the Drury experience.

We must be receptive. We must take bold steps.

Campaign Priorities

Drury University is a place where leaders are born, where we prepare students to be changemakers and pioneers, to break molds and push the envelope. Now is the time to Fortify the Future of Drury for the next generations of students.

Your Impact

If it weren’t for your steadfast support, these bold visions would not be possible. Every donor makes a difference. Your love for Drury is the bedrock of our institution and your unfailing support changes lives every day.

Choose Drury Now

We value your support and investment in Drury University and we want to make sure you have the resources to make your gift as easy as possible. Your donation strengthens aspects that makes Drury University great: excellent students, strong academics, outstanding faculty, vibrant student life, and more.


Your support of the Campaign for Drury University will be an investment in our future and transformational.

We believe a Drury education should always be affordable. Within this campaign, we seek to grow The Annual Drury Experience Fund for scholarships and financial aid, as well as programming.

For 150 years, Drury University has stood as a beacon of strength and perseverance. This would not have been possible without our endowment which ensures financial stability, allowing us to adapt and deliver an exceptional education. The endowment also drives growth and innovation, positioning us as leaders in higher education.

Drury University is a place of rich history, and the buildings across campus hold stories that span generations. With your support, we can address the much-needed updates and repairs required by these buildings in order to preserve Drury’s unique character and historical significance, provide safety upgrades, and improved technology.

The Catalyst Fund is the driving force behind Drury University’s Fortify the Future campaign. It provides the essential groundwork to maximize the campaign’s impact on students and elevate our institution to new heights.

A logo for the Fortify the Future O'Reilly Wooten Family Challenge

The O’Reilly-Wooten 150th Anniversary Challenge

The largest matching gift in Drury history, the O’Reilly and Wooten families have generously contributed $1.5 million for the O’Reilly-Wooten 150th Anniversary Challenge. The challenge runs from now until May 31, 2024 and will double the impact of all donations designated to the Drury Student Success Fund.

John Beuerlein ’75, President, Drury University

“For the past 150 years, Drury University has served as a safe place to engage minds in the liberal pursuit of the truth. We strive to blend ‘book smarts’ with ‘street smarts’ to prepare graduates to immediately begin serving their communities with new energy and new ideas to address society’s greatest challenges. We invite you to invest in our mission!”