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We value your support and investment in Drury and we want to make sure you have the resources to make your gift as easy as possible. Your donation strengthens aspects that make Drury University great: excellent students, strong academics, outstanding faculty, groundbreaking research, vibrant student life, state-of-the-art facilities, and interdisciplinary opportunities.

Ways to Give

More than ever, we need future leaders who have learned to wrestle with big ideas, find common ground, build consensus, and lead with empathy. This is the hallmark of a Drury education, and we need to open pathways for more students to be recipients of the knowledge and experiences only offered here.

Now is the time to launch Fortify the Future. This campaign will allow the university to invest in people and places to help cultivate a new generation of community and world leaders, poised to heal the rifts of today and to build solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. Guided by the university’s campus master plan, we will invest in the spaces that shape students’ lives and lead to their success.

Priority 1:
Student Success: Scholarships and Programs

Priority 2:



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Priority 3:
Heritage Buildings

Priority 4:
Catalyst Fund

Sesquicentennial Donor Recognition Opportunities

Drury College opened its doors to students on September 25, 1873 as a result of the outstanding leadership, dedication and generous financial support of our founders and donors such as James and Charles Harwood, Nathan Morrison, and Samuel and Angeline Drury. Since that time, gifts have helped to sustain the University during difficult times, provided scholarship support to deserving students, funded the construction of the Drury campus and enhanced the student experience for generations of Drury students and alumni.

As we celebrate Drury’s 150th anniversary we will commemorate the occasion with special recognition opportunities for donors who contribute to the University during our 150th anniversary year (from June 1, 2023 – May 31, 2024). Recognition levels will be based on the number 150. Donors will receive a sesquicentennial commemorative gift at the following levels:

There are also on campus recognition opportunities available in a new Sesquicentennial Plaza just north of Bay Hall. Donors will be listed on a monument in the plaza at the following levels:

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