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Master of Nonprofit and Civic Leadership

  • The Master of Nonprofit and Civic Leadership is the degree for leading community change.
  • The program can be completed in 18 – 24 months.
  • Highly qualified and student-centered faculty spark student engagement with course material.
  • Invited community speakers provide students access to leaders who are on the front lines of advocacy and community change.
  • GRE is not required for admission.
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Quick Facts

  Next Start Date: Spring/Summer 2024

  Total classes:  10
  Weeks per class:  8 or 16
  Total credit hours: 30
  Delivery: Online or blended – your choice!
  Financial:  Student loan eligible
  Accredited:  Higher Learning Commission

Nonprofit Leadership Certificate

This graduate-level certificate features the four core courses in the MNCL degree program.
Students can complete the certificate as a stand-alone credential or apply the coursework toward the 10 course master’s degree.

Certificate Highlights

  • Courses are 8 weeks in length and 100% online.
  • Four courses (course descriptions can be found here):
    • Foundations of Nonprofit and Civic Leadership (MNCL 601)
    • Governance and Executive Leadership (MNCL 602)
    • Fundraising and Philanthropy (MNCL 603)
    • Financial Oversight for Nonprofit Organizations (MNCL 604)

Alumni Profile:

Amy Jardell

My journey with the MNCL program began serendipitously. While my son embarked on his educational journey at Drury, I stumbled upon an email describing the MNCL program. Intrigued by the prospect of formalizing my passion for community service and leveraging it into a fulfilling career, I decided to take the plunge, despite initial apprehensions about returning to academia as a “48-year-old lady.” However, any reservations quickly dissolved as I immersed myself in the curriculum, found friends among classmates, and discovered a renewed sense of purpose.

The program’s core classes and electives proved to be both challenging and rewarding, precisely aligning with my aspirations. One notable highlight was the opportunity to initiate a nonprofit organization in Republic, Missouri, during my time in school. This hands-on experience not only allowed me to apply newly acquired skills but also earn academic credit through an independent study.
Upon graduating as part of the inaugural cohort in August 2017, I transitioned into the nonprofit sector, securing a position within the development team at The Child Advocacy Center. This role provided invaluable exposure to nonprofit operations within an established organization. However, it was my subsequent appointment as the Executive Director of Ozarks Literacy Council (OLC) in November 2018 that truly underscored the transformative impact of the MNCL program.

OLC, initially a modest enterprise with only two employees, presented several challenges and opportunities for growth. Armed with the leadership skills and practical knowledge instilled by the MNCL program, I navigated the complexities of nonprofit management with confidence. From fundraising strategies to financial management and nonprofit governance, each facet of the curriculum equipped me to tackle the multifaceted responsibilities of leading a small organization.

Today, as I sit in my office at Lay Hall on the Drury campus, overseeing OLC’s operations amidst a period of expansion and renovation, I am grateful for the education and support I received through the MNCL program. With a team of three employees and a dedicated corps of over 200 volunteers, OLC continues to thrive, embodying the principles of community engagement and literacy advocacy that lie at the heart of our mission.
In essence, the MNCL program has not only empowered me to realize my professional aspirations but has also inspired me with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to my community, and I owe much of my success to the invaluable lessons learned and connections forged through the MNCL program.

Portrait of Abigail Kingsford.Contact: 

Abigail Kingsford, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Communication

Program Director, Master of Nonprofit and Civic Leadership / Master of Arts in Communication

Office: Shewmaker 236     

Phone: 417.873.7204