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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Certificate

4 courses | 12 credit hours | 100% online

Start in August, Finish in May

This 4-course certificate was designed in consultation with faculty and community partners with expertise in diversity, inclusion, and social justice to ensure the scope of content is well-rounded and will develop leaders that organizations can depend on to lead their DEI efforts. The certificate is designed to provide students with the practical knowledge necessary to understand the challenges surrounding equity, inclusion, and cultural consciousness through the examination of institutional and community cultures. As leaders, locally, nationally, or globally, the DEI Leadership Certificate will prepare students to understand the systems change process through a cultural conscious lens as they work with their organizations on DEI initiatives.

More Information

Why a graduate certificate in DEI?

The need for Diversity and Inclusion Officers or, at a minimum, diversity and inclusion training in the workplace has been on a steady incline in recent years. In fact, “recruitment of D&I specialists will become a major priority for a broad swathe of employers in the coming year as they seek to modernize their corporate culture and attract new employees” (Chamberlain, A., 2020). 

This certificate includes 4 graduate courses (12 credit hours) available 100% online:

DEIL 601 Foundations of Equity & Inclusion
This course provides students with objective methods to address the challenges surrounding equity, inclusion, and cultural consciousness. Societal biases will be considered – including race, ethnicity, religion, age, ability, sexuality, gender identity, and socioeconomic status – and how the exercise of these biases can reinforce discrimination and oppression. Students will also learn about the influence of dominant culture on marginalized people. Positive, equitable approaches will be developed through evidence-based understanding, founded upon clear research and demonstrable results rather than the offhand claiming of an arbitrary target with little involvement of the target population. 

DEIL 602 Cultural Impact of Discrimination
This course provides the tools to evaluate institutional and community cultures in relation to their local and national histories. Students will apply diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts to selected historical and contemporary case studies related to a range of cultural identities. The course will also explore several approaches to measuring the climate of diversity and inclusion. The final project asks students to explore the history and culture of a particular institution or place using tools from the class. 

DEIL 603 Social Justice in Organizations
This course focuses on how systems and individuals manage and facilitate D & I change initiatives. Students will engage with a variety of activities related to diversity, equity and inclusion as a way to understand and recognize the roles of resistance and conflict in the D & I change process. This course will also examine changes in the economic and social environment creating new challenges and considerations of D & I works. This course helps students develop skills that foster equity, inclusion, and social justice and consider an organizational initiative that does the same.  

DEIL 604 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Capstone
This course requires students to finalize and deliver a diversity and inclusion project as the program’s culminating course. This project is required for the certificate. The project should be planned and implemented by the student within the current year. Participants are expected to demonstrate skills and competencies acquired over the course of the program.  

Program Highlights

  • GRE not required.
  • Courses are 8 weeks, allowing you to focus on one course at a time.
  • Can be taken as a stand-alone certificate or applied toward the Master in Integrative Leadership degree.
  • Applied projects that are relevant to the issues in the community and the workplace.


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