Public Safety Leadership Certificate

Can be completed in only two semesters!

Who should earn this certificate?

This 12-credit hour certificate is designed  for public safety and service leaders in fields such as law enforcement, emergency management, fire service, public health service, emergency medical services, environmental health and safety services, nonprofit organizations engaged in public safety and service, homeland security, and public administration to develop the essential leadership skills they will need to direct and manage public safety and service programs and teams. This certificate is designed to support mid- and senior-level leaders, including military service members and those planning to transition into civilian service.

Why from Drury?

Program curriculum was designed by public service and safety experts. Our faculty have been carefully selected to reflect extensive experience in diverse fields of public safety as well as having academic credentials from accredited institutions. Coursework features practical learning experiences and projects that can be immediately implemented in the work place.

No time for a full degree? The graduate certificate <$6,000.

This can be a standalone program or be applied to a Master in Public Service and Safety Leadership or the Master in Integrative Leadership. This certificate is transcripted upon completion, allowing you to show documented evidence of your credential and graduate level credits earned in as little as a year.

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This certificate includes four courses (8-week sessions), all offered online:

PSSL 600: Integrated Approaches to Public Safety
3 credit hours

This course establishes the integrative and collaborative perspective needed by individuals working in all-hazards public safety and service organizations. This seminar course features case studies, theories, and frameworks that exemplify best practices at the organizational, community, regional, and national levels.

PSSL 610: Strategic Planning and Evaluation
3 credit hours

This course provides the framework for effective goal setting and planning that moves a team, administrative unit, and/or organization toward the fulfillment of its overall mission. Topics include establishing goals and priorities, assessing stakeholder perspectives and building a shared vision, designing decision-making processes that align resources with goals, identifying and adapting to situational dynamics, and identifying measurable and relevant metrics.

PSSL 620: Human Resource Management and Employee Wellness
3 credit hours

This course provides the knowledge needed to develop and sustain a capable, productive, diverse, inclusive, and healthy staff. Material will cover best practices for recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining employees.

PSSL 630: Effective Project Management
3 credit hours

This course prepares leaders to oversee a variety of projects that emerge in public safety and service organizations (i.e., develop new training standards, design and implement a dispatch system, develop an innovative community preparedness program, or secure new facilities). Students will learn how to manage a project from conception to implementation including the identification of project goals, mapping out a feasible timeline and budget, communicating with stakeholders, managing teams, negotiating responsibilities, troubleshooting issues, and delivering the end product.

Jarett Metheny, Program Coordinator

Jarett Metheny serves as the Program Coordinator for the Public Safety and Service Leadership Master’s Degree Program. He began his fire service career in 1995 and has served in a variety of leadership capacities. In addition to his public safety experience, he has served as an Assistant Professor and Adjunct Professor in multiple public safety programs. 

Jarett obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology in 1995 and a Master’s Degree in Fire and Emergency Management Administration in 1999, both from Oklahoma State University, where he is also pursuing a PhD. 

He is a graduate of the Executive Fire Officer Program at the National Fire Academy and is credentialed as a Chief Fire Officer from the Center for Public Safety Excellence.  He has served on multiple boards and committees for the National Fire Protection Association, International Fire Service Training Association, and the International Association of Fire Chiefs. 


Jarett Metheny, Program Director

Drury Leadership Collaborative