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Portrait of Beth Nation.Beth Nation

Director of Dual Credit
(417) 873-7676
Burnham Hall 322

My name is Beth Nation.  I served in public education for 16 years, both as a teacher and high school counselor before joining the Drury GO team as the Dual Credit Coordinator.  Drury’s dual credit program currently serves approximately 120 high schools across the state of Missouri, offering seated dual credit opportunities to students in their high school;  students may also select from 25+ online courses offered through the program. All instructors that teach through the dual credit program have a master’s degree and have been approved by Drury University.  

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  • Making a Payment for Dual Credit courses
  • Drury University Transcript Request
  • Dual Credit Important Documents
  • 2022-2023 Timelines
  • Course Schedules
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Drury University offers courses to Missouri high school students in the following ways:
  1. Online
    1. Drury’s Dual Credit Program offers online courses to students in the fall, spring, and summer semesters at $90/credit hour. 
    2. Online textbooks and materials are included in the price of dual credit tuition with the EXCEPTION of online math courses. 
      1. Online math students must purchase the textbook through Pearson that is required by the adjunct instructor. The textbook information is linked in the adjunct instructor’s course syllabus and/or linked in the student’s course in Canvas. Purchasing the textbook is in addition to the $90/credit hour course rate.
  1. Seated
    1. Drury’s Dual Credit Program partners with high school across the state of Missouri in offering high school students seated dual credit courses during the school day.
    2. Seated course availability at a high school is dependent on the high schools’ faculty and the faculty member’s level of education and approval by Drury University. More information below.
    3. Families and students are encouraged to check with the high school counselor or administration on the seated courses available to students at their high school.
  2. Payment Options

    • Payment for ALL Dual Credit courses is made through DualEnroll at the time of student registration and parent/guardian approval. 
    • Drury University is no longer accepting payment for Dual Credit courses.
    • DualEnroll will accept payment via eCheck ($2.00 fee applies/course) or by credit card (3.6% fee applies/course). 

Why Dual Credit?

Drury University’s Dual Credit program allows high school students to take classes during regular school hours or online. Students earn both high school and university credit at a reduced rate. 

If you have questions about Dual Credit, please contact Beth Nation at or call (417) 873-7676.

Associates Program

  • Drury University’s Dual Credit Program allows high school students the opportunity to earn credit hours towards an associate degree while attending high school.
    • A Dual Credit Permission Form is required.
  • If the partnering high school offers seated dual credit courses through Drury University or the student has the recommendation from their high school counselor to register for online dual credit courses during their freshman year, the Dual Credit Permission Form must be filled out and returned to the Drury Dual Credit Director, Beth Nation.
  • Drury University’s Dual Credit Director, in collaboration with the student’s family, high school counselor, and high school administration, has the authority to deny a high school student from working towards an associate degree if they have failed dual credit courses and are in jeopardy of not earning their high school diploma.
    • Earning a high school diploma is the top priority for any dual credit student. 
  • It is recommended the high school student start taking courses towards an AA or AS no later than the summer after their freshman year.
  • Questions: Please contact Beth Nation, Drury University Dual Credit Director.


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