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Don’t let anything stand in your way when it comes to Greater Opportunities. Customize your academic path, learn under professional instructors, and earn credentials anywhere on your own time with Drury GO. With options for seated, online, or seated courses through asynchronous learning, Drury GO gives you the resources to achieve.

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Whether you want to teach elementary, middle, or high school, Drury GO’s Education programs can help you reach your goals. We offer specializations for each level, plus the flexibility to pivot programs should your interests and goals change along the way.

Public Service and Safety.

Public Service and Safety

Make a difference and help those around you with a degree or certificate in one of our Public Service and Safety programs. We can prepare you for careers in law enforcement, corrections, the legal system, and social services.

Law Enforcement Academy

Earn Class A certification for peace officers offered in a 750-hour basic training academy. Sign up now for the next Law Enforcement Academy class.

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Business, Leadership, and Communication

If you are new to the professional world, want to take your skills to the next level, or want to be your own boss, this pathway can open a lot of doors. Earn the credentials to work in management, sales, marketing and finance, and many others.

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Health and Behavioral Science

Build towards a career as a psychologist, pharmacy technician, substance abuse counselor, or in another role in health by earning a degree or certificate in one of Drury GO’s Health and Behavioral Science programs.

Pre-Certification Training

Learn in a convenient, self-paced or hybrid online format. Most of these programs will prepare you for national certification in your chosen program.

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