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The Drury University Law Enforcement Academy, certified by the State of Missouri Department of Public Safety, provides professional training for those interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement. The 750-hour basic training academy is offered in person through the Drury University main campus or synchronously at the south-central location near West Plains. The academy meets the State of Missouri’s minimum training requirement for Class A certification for peace officers.

The first step towards being accepted into the Drury University Law Enforcement Academy is to take the ASSESSMENT Test and complete a Drury GO application.

Law Enforcement Academy Application Process

How to Apply to the Law Enforcement Academy

  1. Take the ASSESSMENT Test
  2. Application packets are then mailed to the those with the highest scores on ASSESSMENT Test.
  3. Prospective students meeting all of the eligibility requirements will be invited to attend the orientation for acceptance into the next academy.

Law Enforcement Academy Dates and Times


Students who pass the ASSESMENT test and are selected to join the academy will receive an email invite from to attend Orientation. Orientation will take place about one month before the academy begins. Students who are selected to join the academy are required to attend orientation.

Law Enforcement Academy Cost*


  • $325 per credit hour


  • Student Fee: $38 per semester
  • Student Technology Fee: $8 per credit hour
  • Application Fee: $50 paid at Orientation
  • Program Fee: $698 one-time fee paid in first semester

Graduates of the Law Enforcement Academy will have all the training and skills required to take the State of Missouri’s Class A Peace Officer Certification Licensing exam. Students who complete and pass all academy courses will also receive a Drury Law Enforcement Studies Certificate and 24 college credit hours.

*Tuition and fees subject to change

Law Enforcement Academy Financial Aid

The Law Enforcement Academy is eligible for FAFSA, Fast Track, Missouri Blue Scholarship, and Military benefits.

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Contact Us:

Christopher Johns

Executive Director Law Enforcement Academy
Office: (417) 873-7542