Integrated Business Major

In today’s business world many companies require employees to engage in a wide variety of disciplines across the enterprise that require a robust, varied education experience. The Integrated Business major focuses on the critical processes that cross industries and the skills that can be applied to diverse roles in a dynamic environment. The Integrated Business major also meets the needs of today’s global business world which seeks graduates who understand the cross-integration of business functions.

See individual tracks options below for restrictions in combining majors.

Students majoring in Integrated Business are not eligible to earn the Business Administration Minor.

The Integrated Business major requires 60 credit hours of coursework.

*ACCT 209, BADM 105, BADM 250, CISQ 263, MATH 227 are Breech School admittance requirements; students must complete both the ECON 210 and ECON 211 for the major, but only one is required for Breech School admittance.

Major Requirements

1. Select any three hours from 300+ level courses in ACCT, CISQ, ECON, FINC, MKTG, or MGMT.
2. Select at least 9 hours each from two of the following tracks:

Track 3: Economics**

Students with a Business Economics major cannot pursue this track.

Track 5: Management**

Students with a Management and Marketing major cannot pursue this track.

Track 6: Marketing**

Students with a Management and Marketing major cannot pursue this track.

**Students must be admitted to the Breech School prior to enrolling in these courses.