Management and Marketing Major

Sustainability in business means designing products and services that meet the short-term and long-term needs of customers and other stakeholders. The Management and Marketing major prepares the graduate for engaging and leading individuals and organizations as well as engaging stakeholders for sustainable value creation.

We have combined the Management and Marketing disciplines into one credential to concentrate our emphasis on the sustainable product offering and the organization needed to create it. The Management and Marketing major includes the same core classwork as other business majors, plus four additional major courses in Project Management, Employment Law, Marketing Research, and Strategy (either Ventures or Global Entry). The student must then choose a concentration in either Management or Marketing for an additional 9 hours. During their time at Breech, MGMT/MKTG students will have the opportunity to explore International Business, Entrepreneurship, Business Law, and advanced Marketing techniques as well as independent study and research in these fields. As with all Breech students, Management and Marketing majors must experience at least one semester of internship with a trusted partner firm or other organization.

Management and Marketing majors are not allowed to receive the Business Administration Minor, the Marketing and Entrepreneurship Minor, or an Integrated Business major with either a management or marketing track.

The Management and Marketing major requires 63 credit hours of coursework.