Finance Major

Finance courses are designed to both ground students in the current theories and give them active practice in applying financial concepts. Students who study finance will develop skills in financial management, forecasting, and analysis; assets for a career of any kind. Graduates of Drury’s finance major have gone one to top-level corporate positions in areas such as corporate finance, financial planning, real estate, and investment banking.

Finance majors are not allowed to receive the Business Administration Minor or the Integrated Business Major with a finance track. Additionally, students who are also pursuing a Business Economics major cannot count 300+ level economic courses toward Track 2: General Finance.

The Finance Major requires 63 credit hours of coursework.

*ACCT 209, BADM 105, BADM 250, CISQ 263, MATH 227 required for Breech School admittance; students must complete both ECON 210 and ECON 211 for the major, but only one is required for Breech School admittance

Choose one of the following tracks:

9 hrs.

Track 2: General Finance**

Select any six hours from a 300+ level course in ACCT, ECON, or FINC

**Students must be admitted to the Breech School prior to enrolling in BADM 205, BADM 480, FINC 331, MGMT 300, MKTG 337, MGMT 448, MGMT 449, FINC 305, FINC 310, FINC 335, FINC 441, ACCT 307, ACCT 308, ACCT 409, and FINC 321