Reminder: Drury no longer uses Moodle. Please use Canvas for online learning.
Reminder: Drury no longer uses Moodle. Please use Canvas for online learning.

Breech Chamber of Commerce

The Breech Student Chamber of Commerce, or Breech Chamber, exists to promote and strengthen the Breech and Drury communities. It is comprised of 15 – 20 nominated undergraduate and graduate business students.

In addition to providing a student perspective on Breech School programs and facilities, Breech Chamber members work to strengthen Breech’s engagement with alumni and the professional community. Collaborating with the Breech Advisory Board (BAB), the Breech Chamber works to bring networking and professional opportunities to the Drury campus, as well as act as ambassadors for Breech students in the wider professional community.

Equally important is the Breech Chamber’s ambition to support all Drury students, not only those studying business. Members recognize that the world is becoming less siloed, and that better ideas and innovation happen across contexts and inside an inclusive community. Therefore, a large focus of the Breech Chamber’s energy goes towards helping to promote fellow student organizations and to organize events that benefi­t all majors.

Portrait of Matthew Dalton.Matthew Dalton
Junior | Major: Economics

Portrait of Maxwell Niemeyer.Maxwell Niemeyer
Senior | Major: Accounting & Finance

Portrait of Annaliesia Salazar.Annaliesia Salazar
Senior | Management

Portrait of Kristen Bureman.Kirsten Bureman
2nd Year MBA

Portrait of Mark Cumpton.Mark Cumpton
2nd Year MBA

Portrait of Dan Heisler.Dan Heisler
2nd Year MBA

Portrait of Viktoriia Matusevych.Viktoriia Matusevych
Junior | Major: Computer Science-Game Development

Portrait of Kyler Propps.Kyler Propps
Junior | Major: Management & Marketing

Portrait of Carrie Henry.Carrie Henry
Year: 2nd Year MBA

Portrait of Brianna Russell.Brianna Russell
Senior | Major: Finance

Portrait of Graham Wells.Graham Wells
Senior | Major: Economics & Finance

Portrait of Jeremy Coen.Jeremy Coen
Senior | Major: Cyber-Risk Management

Portrait of Kseniia Eremina.Kseniia Eremina
Sophomore | Major: Economics, Finance, & Marketing

Portrait of Connor O'Mealy.Connor O’Mealy
Year: 2nd Year MBA

Portrait of Kennady Schertzer.Kennady Schertzer
Sophomore | Major: Economics & Finance