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Advance your job prospects without a college degree. The Workforce Essentials certificate gives you the tools to be successful in any employment setting. You’ll develop practical skills in:

  • Communication
  • Finance
  • Math
  • Leadership
  • Business

This certificate can easily build into an associate or bachelor’s degree with Drury.

  • The certificate is available 100% online.
  • Employers may contact Drury to explore availability of on-site course delivery.
  • This is a stand-alone certificate that will appear on a Drury transcript. Students may choose to build upon the certificate by earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree at Drury.
  • The certificate is eligible for Financial Aid.
  • Start the certificate in Fall, Spring, or Summer.

Program Outcomes

Individuals completing the Workforce Essentials Certificate develop valuable skills that are transferable to a variety of employment settings. The interdisciplinary curriculum is designed for students seeking foundational knowledge and skills in interpersonal communication, financial literacy, applied math, business communication and leadership.

Program Outcomes:

  • Provide students with transferable job skills.
  • Provide students with the foundational knowledge needed to understand decision making, business goals, and relational expectations in organizational settings.

Career Information

The Workforce Essentials certificate gives you a strong professional foundation for any career field. You’ll develop the skills employers are looking for such critical thinking, goal setting, and organizational communication. Plus, if your job path changes, your skills will go right along with you.

The Workforce Essentials Certificate requires 18 credit hours of coursework.