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Drury GO Course Syllabus Information

Syllabus Templates

Syllabus templates are provided to assist you with building your course syllabus. You are expected to use the appropriate and most current syllabus template for your Drury GO classes. Syllabus templates may change each semester so please check for the latest versions.

All syllabi should be submitted online at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the term.

All syllabi should be posted in Canvas at least one week prior to the start of class.

If you are teaching business or education courses, you should use those templates listed in the sections below.

For all other Drury GO courses, we are asking that you use one of the two standard syllabus templates which are available for seated, blended, and online courses, The items printed in “black” are standard for all courses and should not be altered. The items printed in “green” provide examples, general comments, or instructions. You will need to download the template as a WORD document in order to start editing. The Word document can be uploaded into your Canvas shell.

For Drury GO courses:

Business Courses

All instructors (seated, blended, and online) should post their syllabus in their Canvas course at least one week prior to the start of class.

Education Courses

Course Syllabus Submission Form

When planning your course, please use this guide as you consider student work load.

Course Evaluation Forms

Courses are evaluated by the Online Department based on the following rubrics:

Drury GO Instructor Textbook Resources

For Instructors:

How to Order an Instructor Desk Copy

If you don’t have a desk copy or if you need an updated desk copy, please go to the publisher’s website and request a copy as soon as possible. Please have the desk copy sent to your home address.

To expedite a textbook selection, often publishers can grant you immediate access to an electronic desk copy. This can also give you access to electronic resources such as discussion questions, test banks, and additional resources. If you do not have a required textbook for your course this is the fastest way to narrow down your textbook options.

When you are on the publisher’s site, you will see all of the different texts such as instructor manuals, slide presentations and test question pools. These are very helpful when creating or updating a course with a new textbook.

You will be able to search each site to look for the sales rep for our school for your particular subject. When you request a desk copy, it’s helpful to both you and the rep if you follow these steps:

  • Contact the rep by sending them the name of the book, author and 9 digit ISBN
  • Include your course number and course name, as well as the number of students that have already registered. Go to My Drury for that
  • Request that the desk copy be mailed to you rather than Be sure to explain that you’re teaching a course away from the campus and you live outside of Springfield (if that’s true). If they must ship to Drury, ask that it come to my attention.
  • Follow up with the rep if you haven’t received the desk copy after two weeks.

Please don’t delay in requesting your desk copy.

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