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The Business Essentials Certificate provides an opportunity to gain a broad understanding of business practices and economic processes, the role of business and economics in the world marketplace, and an awareness of the major business issues that confront society.

In addition, students who successfully complete the Business Essentials Certificate with an overall GPA of 3.0 will satisfy all prerequisites for the Breech MBA program.

Admission Policy

To be admitted to the Business Essentials Certificate, a student must:

  1. Be officially admitted to Drury University.
  2. Complete a declaration of the Business Essentials Certificate.
  3. Read and sign the Breech Student Honor Code.
  4. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 on all Drury University coursework.

Career Information

Careers in business are projected to grow 6.3% by the year 2028 nationally. The median annual wage is $69,820. The average wage for business occupations in Missouri specifically is $70,770.

Career paths often require additional training, industry-specific testing, or a college degree. You can earn your associate or bachelor’s degree from Drury GO to increase your professional opportunities. The Business Essentials certificate gives you a solid foundation to pursue jobs in fields like:

  • Advertising
    • Projected growth: 3.2%
    • Median annual wage: $125,510
  • Marketing
    • Projected growth: 8.1%
    • Median annual wage: $136,850
  • Sales
    • Projected growth: 5.1%
    • Median annual wage: $126,640
  • Human resources
    • Projected growth: 5.3%
    • Median annual wage: $61,920
  • Finance
    • Projected growth: 5.9%
    • Median annual wage: $71,950


Due to curricular overlap, students pursuing the Business Essentials Certificate may not earn the Business and Entrepreneurship Minor nor the Associate of Science in Business Administration. Students earning the certificate may not enroll in PMBA 501.