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Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The Bachelor of Psychology degree helps you better understand yourself and others. Its real world relevance includes social interaction, group dynamics and mental illness treatment.

A psychology degree opens doors to a wide variety of careers in such fields as counseling, social work, or education.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate fundamental knowledge and comprehension of major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in the behavioral sciences and how these apply to behavioral phenomena.
  • Use the scientific approach, skeptical inquiry, and critical thinking to solve problems related to behavior, institutions, and/or organizations.
  • Develop ethically and socially responsible behaviors for professional and personal settings in a landscape that involves increasing diversity.
  • Demonstrate competence in writing and oral communication.
  • Optimize career readiness by utilizing disciplinary content and developing effective self-reflection, project-management skills, and teamwork skills.

Career Information

Jobs in psychology are projected to grow 14% by the year 2028 nationally. The median annual wage is $79,010. The median wage for clinical, counseling and school psychologists in Missouri specifically is $76,480.

Many career paths require advanced training and certification. A Bachelor of Psychology degree will prepare you for a broad range of careers, including:

  • School counselor
    • Projected growth: 8.4%
    • Median annual wage: $56,310
  • Marriage and family therapist
    • Projected growth: 22.3%
    • Median annual wage: $50,090
  • Substance abuse, behavioral disorder, or mental health counselor
    • Projected growth: 22.5%
    • Median annual wage: $44,630
  • Social worker
    • Projected growth: 11.5%
    • Median annual wage: $49,470
  • Correctional treatment specialist
    • Projected growth: 3.3%
    • Median annual wage: $53,020
  • Community and social service specialist
    • Projected growth: 8.1%
    • Median annual wage: $42,620

To earn this degree, you will complete General Education courses plus 36 credit hours specific to your Bachelor’s in Psychology degree.

Students should complete all 100-and 200-level requirements before accumulating 60 credit hours (junior status).

Students earning the Bachelor of Science in Psychology may not also earn the Bachelor of Science in
Psychology-Resilience and Performance Optimization