8 Jobs You Can Get with a Business Administration Degree

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A business administration degree provides a foundation for many careers in the business world. From human resources specialists to market research analysts, the skills you learn in from business administration program will apply to many careers. To get an idea of what jobs are available with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, here is a list of eight common positions.

Human resources specialist

Human resources specialists are responsible for a company’s human resource department. This includes recruiting, hiring, and training new employees, and ensuring the workplace is free from harassment or discrimination. Generally, they help to improve the overall performance of their team by providing support where needed. A degree in business administration would be helpful for this position as it provides a strong foundation of knowledge needed to become an effective human resources specialist.


Accountants are responsible for managing the financial records of their organization or company, which includes profit and loss statements, balance sheets and taxes. They may work in public accounting firms specializing in tax preparation services, but many also work within businesses where they use their skills to manage costs and revenue. A bachelor’s degree in business administration would provide you with the necessary education required to excel as an accountant.

Market research analyst

Market research analysts study market conditions, including trends, demand levels and competitor information, so companies can better understand how to proceed with product development or marketing strategies. This information can be used to determine how well a product will sell or if changes need to be made. They are responsible for collecting, analyzing and presenting data in an easy-to-understand way so that corporate decision-makers can make sound business decisions based on the research provided. Pursuing a business administration degree will provide you with the necessary education to excel as a market research analyst.

Business analyst

Business analysts interview clients or run focus groups to find out more about an organization’s current problems in order to create solutions. They then sell these ideas back to upper management teams, who approve their strategies. The skills you learn during your business administration degree will help you successfully and proactively solve issues, identify investment opportunities and create innovative solutions.

Project manager

Project managers are responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of a project, ensuring deadlines are met, and budgets don’t run out. They may also need to work with teams (both internal employees as well as external contractors) to see their projects through from start to finish. A bachelor’s degree in business administration would teach you how to lead teams to accomplish tasks more quickly while staying within established guidelines or rules set forth by upper management.

Business development manager

Business development managers are responsible for increasing the number of clients their organization has by reaching out to new markets that have not yet purchased from them before. This includes identifying market opportunities related to growth within areas to be used towards company goals over time. A business administration degree would provide you with the knowledge needed to succeed as a business development manager, as your work would involve analyzing market trends and researching new opportunities.

Financial analyst

Financial analysts work directly with investors and other business professionals to provide financial advice and evaluate investment opportunities. Their job is to research, analyze and interpret data to make recommendations related to investments such as stocks, mutual funds or bonds. A degree in business administration can be helpful to those interested in becoming a financial analyst because it will provide you with the necessary accounting knowledge needed for this job.

Management Analyst

Management analysts work directly with management teams to provide suggestions or ideas that can help improve overall company performance. They may also conduct studies related to organizational structure, processes and procedures to see where changes could be made for increased productivity. A business administration degree will enable you to gain the required skills for a management analyst career, since much of your job would entail problem-solving both at an individual level (like providing feedback on ways employees could improve their efficiency), along with broader issues (including improving an organization’s efficacy).
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A business administration degree can prepare students with many different skill sets depending on their study specialization. It’s an excellent choice for students who want to pursue business professions or graduate studies. However, it’s crucial to choose an accredited university that well-known for its business administration degree program. That way, you can be sure your education will provide the necessary skills to succeed as a market research analyst, project manager, financial analyst or in any of the above careers.

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