Themed Certificates & Credentials

Life Certificates

Ancients Alive: The Classics In Context

This certificate introduces you to the enduring impact of ancient Mediterranean civilizations, particularly Greek and Roman. In their myths, path-breaking political experiments, histories, inquisitive natures, and art and architecture, the ancients experimented with transformational ways of understanding their world. From the Parthenon to Pompeii, the study of ancient culture is sure to amaze, entertain, and provide a template for negotiating contemporary issues.

  • HIST 110: Ancient Civilizations (sp)
  • ENGL 212: Comparative Mythology (fa)
  • PHIL 300: Classical Philosophers (fa)
  • HIST 300: Ancients Alive: The Classics and Culture (Capstone) (fa)

Ethical Leadership

Concerns over ethical leadership span time and culture. This certificate will give you a strong understanding of the central components of ethics as they are expressed in philosophical theory, enriched by literature, broadened by religion, and complicated by perspectives from non-Western cultures. You will also engage in a sustained study of one ethical issue and develop, in conjunction with a faculty sponsor, a sustained research project on an important ethical problem of your choosing.

  • PHIL 310: Asian Ethics (fa)
  • ENGL 345: Literature and Ethics (fa)
  • RELG 309: Christian Ethics (sp)
  • FUSE 389: Seminar in Professional Ethics (Capstone) (sp)

Food, Culture, and Society

We all know the saying, “we are what we eat,” but how many of us critically evaluate the complex ways food intersects with our lives as individuals and societies? What are the ethical considerations in food consumption? What are the causes of hunger and malnourishment in the U.S. and around the world? How do different societies understand their relationship to food? What are pressing public policy issues related to food? This certificate will allow you to explore answers to these and other important questions, developing a rich, multidisciplinary understanding of the centrality of food to the human experience.

  • ANML 212: Animal Ethics (fa, sp)
  • HIST 212: Food, Culture, and Identity in Asia (sp)
  • SOCI 202: Global Social Problems (fa)
  • PLSC 356: The Politics of Food (Capstone) (sp)

Get Out, Plug In: Intercultural Connections

Our global society increasingly requires citizens and professionals who can engage successfully with people from around the world. This certificate gives you the chance to get out of the country and build your communication skills in another language and in your particular field of study. You will conduct research in another country on a topic relevant to your future career, demonstrating your ability to work with diverse people from different cultures, nations, and language backgrounds.

  • FUSE 201: Introduction to International Diversity & Culture (fa)
  • FUSE 401: Intercultural Communication Project [taken abroad]
  • XXX 102: Any foreign language course at the 102 level (sp)
  • XXX 201: Any foreign language course at the 201 level (fa)
  • LLIT 115: OPI Test in Foreign Language

Graphic Storytelling

This certificate will help you develop skills in creative process, sequential thinking, visual narrative, and graphic design as it relates to the practice of illustrated storytelling. By advancing skills in drawing, storyboarding, and shaping narratives, you will discover how to use visual communication in creative expression, as well as in technical and informational writing. Graphic Storytelling can enhance any eld of study and is open to anyone – from experienced illustrators to doodlers and beginning cartoonists.

  • ARTZ 123: Drawing I (fa, sp)
  • ENGL 200: Literature Matters: History & Theory of Graphic Storytelling (sp)
  • ARTZ 210: Graphic Design I (fa, sp)
  • ENGL 355: Small Press Publishing (Capstone) (fa)

Holistic Health and Well-Being

This certificate bridges ancient wisdom and contemporary science to help you lead a more meaningful life. You will become empowered to adopt practices that will carry you forward on life’s journey and become more mindful of the bene ts and pathologies of a technology-mediated society. You will also explore the intersections between yourself and others by examining the effects of gender, race, income, and social location on individual and community wellness.

  • BIOL 271: Pathogens, Plagues, and Human Progress?
  • PSYC 372: Holistic Health Practices
  • SOCI 373: Sociology of Health, Illness, and Health Care
  • PSYC 374: Health Behavior Interventions (Capstone)

International Immersion

This certificate allows you to travel and study abroad in focused and thematic programs that create immersive learning experiences and heighten your knowledge of and sensitivity to other places and cultures. You will replace classrooms with the direct experience of dynamic places and diverse cultures, understanding real issues in new ways.

The following study abroad programs are currently approved for the International Immersion certificate. Contact program directors or the Office of International Programs for specifics about these opportunities: 

Life in Close-up: Film, History, and Society

This certificate will introduce you to the study of film, with an emphasis on how film reflects, distorts, and challenges our ideas of historical eras, gender identities, and political events. You will learn how to read films in order to question how film represents and misrepresents the true stories of historical figures, cultural ideas, and our sense of what really happened. Across four courses, you will develop skills in the analysis of film, visual literacy, writing, and questioning the sources of historical knowledge.

  • ENGL 235: History of Film (fa)
  • HIST 322: Joan of Arc: Film & History (fa)
  • HIST 213: China: Film & History (sp)
  • PLSC 321: Music, Film and Politics (Capstone) (sp)

Different is the New Normal: Celebrating Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity is a mindset that celebrates differences in ourselves and others as normal human variation. Those differences may include anxiety, attention deficits and dyslexia, just to name a few. We will work together to understand neurodiversity in ourselves and others. We'll go beyond the Drury community to help society understand our world is a better place because we all think and learn differently.

  • PSYC 312: Positive Psychology (fa)
  • EDUC 225: Neurodiversity in Society and Why It Matters (fa)
  • PHIL 377: Challenging Normality (sp)
  • EDUC 322: Neurodiversity Project (Capstone) 

Profession Certificates

Data Analytics: Big Problems, Big Data Solutions

In today’s world, data is indispensable. Data analytics is creating possibilities that were unthinkable just a few years ago. You will learn how various fields are using data analysis to develop solutions. Journalism, sociology, marketing, biology – name the field and there is an opportunity to use data to reveal trends and relationships that could help solve big problems. Regardless of your major, this certificate will help you develop the skills needed to make data-driven decisions.

  • MGMT 263: Introduction to Data Analytics (fa)
  • MGMT 363: Data Analytics Applications (sp)
  • COMM 270: Introduction to Data Visualization (fa)
  • MGMT 463: Big Data Project (Capstone) (sp)

Designing Solutions for Environmental Problems

Today’s students are aware of serious local, national and global environmental problems that threaten not only their livelihoods but their very lives. To solve these problems students need to understand the science underlying environmental degradation and the ways that ethics, economics, and politics shape our individual and collective responses to these threats.

  • BIOL 163: Science of the Environment (fa)
  • ECON 225: Introduction to Environmental Economics (fa)
  • PHIL 320: Environmental Ethics (sp)
  • PLSC 323: Issues in Environmental Policy (Capstone) (sp)

Interactive Design

This certificate will develop your skills in design and development with an emphasis on current and future trends within the interactive design world. You will learn how to create designs that allow the user to easily achieve their objectives. In doing so, you will build skills that translate to professional roles in interaction design, visual design, software development, and product design.

  • ARTZ 314: Interactive Design and Aesthetic
  • CSCI 152: Fundamentals of Programming
  • CSCI 322: Human Computer Interface Design and Technology
  • CSCI 395: Applied Projects (Capstone)

Learning to Lead and Leading to Learn: Facilitating Learning in the Professional Setting

This certificate will prepare you to develop and deliver the organizational training employers are looking for in today’s work environment. You will discover the importance of ongoing professional learning within any profession and how being a facilitator who can lead the learning and development of employees can set you apart. You will learn facilitation techniques for delivering trainings and workshops, how to be a workplace mentor, how to lead process changes, and how to develop employee soft skills in the workplace.

  • EDUC 216: Fundamentals of Adult Learning Theory (fa)
  • MGMT 204: Organizational Behavior (sp)
  • COMM 211: Presentational Speaking (fa, sp)
  • EDUC 321: Professional Training Skills in Action (Capstone) (sp)

Professional and Visual Communication

This certificate will help you develop and build professional presentation skills, use visual design tools, and master basic communication and design philosophy. You will explore standard professional guidelines, brand identity, and a variety of techniques to engage and persuade audiences through visual communication. Following completion of the certificate, you will be prepared to work in a professional design, and communications-oriented leadership or support role.

  • ARTZ 210: Graphic Design I (fa, sp)
  • COMM 211: Presentational Speaking (fa, sp)
  • COMM 231: Integrated Brand Management (fa, sp)
  • ARTZ 322: Professional & Visual Communication (Capstone) (sp)

Sports Leadership: Going Beyond the Game

Through the lens of sports, this certificate immerses you in questions about the power and responsibility of leadership. Over the course of four experiences, you will examine how coaches and leaders communicate effectively and ethically to push their teams to new heights and explore broader issues about the impact of sports on culture and society.

  • COMM 230: Sports Communication
  • COMM 285: Communication and Ethics (sp)
  • SOCI 280: Sociology of Sport
  • FUSE 380: Sports Leadership Internship (Capstone)

Justice Denied: Wrongful Convictions

This certificate examines one of the greatest tragedies that can occur in the criminal justice system – the conviction of a person for a crime he or she did not commit. The issue of wrongful convictions has gained national and global attention and become a pressing social justice concern. This certificate will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the legal process used to process criminal cases, evaluate the ways in which ethics and social justice issues impact decisions regarding the treatment of individuals in relation to crime and punishment, and critically analyze real- life examples of wrongful conviction.

  • CRIM 102: Introduction to Criminology (fa, sp)
  • PHIL 214: Free Will & Responsibility
  • FUSE 300: Constitutional Criminal Law & Procedure
  • CRIM 345: Cases of Innocence in the Criminal Justice System (Capstone) 

(fa) indicates courses offered in the fall semester
(sp) indicates courses offered in the spring semester

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