FREN 370: Capstone Project

3 credit hours

Prerequisite: FREN 280, FREN 380, HIST 223
Students taking the Tours program as the basis for the International Immersion experience will complete their capstone through an independent research project to be taken as a full summer term course. Students will propose their project topic and gather research materials while on-site, then complete the project after returning home from Tours. Supervised by one of the Tours program faculty, this research will build upon the experiences in France and investigate an important historical and cultural question related to their learning and experiences abroad. Students will merge creative, communication, and problem-solving skills by researching, for example, historical elements of French identity and the role these have played (and continue to play) in relations between France and the United States. Students could then provide solutions to mitigate cultural misunderstanding between both citizens and governments of the two countries.