CISQ 463: Big Data Capstone Project

3 hours

Prerequisite: CSCI 152, CISQ 263, CISQ 363.

This course will allow the student to develop a problem to solve in their primary major field of study. The student will be assigned an advisory team consisting of their advisor, a Drury faculty member from their field of study, and their professor for CISQ 463. The student, in conjunction with their advisory team, will have to frame a problem of interest in their field and craft a research plan for further analysis and understanding of the problem. Students produce a research plan including, 1) proper definition of the problem, 2) evaluation of the ethical considerations of the issue, 3) relevant data to be acquired, and 4) example methodologies to properly analyze the data. The plan will be approved by the course professor and the advisory team. The student will obtain the data and will work on the analysis in a laboratory setting with the course professor. The project will require the components as in the previous courses, but will have the addition of multiple visual representations of the results and a presentation to the advisory team.