Supervisor's Toolkit: Staff Recruitment and Hiring

Guidelines & resources for hiring qualified candidates

Excellent recruiting and hiring practices help reduce turnover and ensure that the university is staffed with productive employees. The items in this section will help guide you through the various steps of the hiring process to help you find and hire the right employees.

(+) How Do I Fill a Staff Vacancy in My Department?

(+) Why Have Job Descriptions?

(+) Tips for Writing Job Descriptions

(+) Posting Staff Job Vacancies

(+) Advertising Job Vacancies

(+) How to Respond if You Are Contacted by an Applicant

(+) How Are Candidates Referred to the Hiring Department

(+) Screening Candidates

(+) Use of Selection Matrixes

(+) Conducting Reference Checks

(+) Security Background Checks

(+) Post-Offer Physical Exam and Drug Screens Required for Certain Positions

(+) Announcing the Hiring Decision

(+) How to Respond to Phone Calls from Applicants You Didn’t Hire


Interview Guide

Successful interviewing requires preparation, attentive listening, and a thorough understanding of the job and the minimum required qualifications of candidates. This Interview Guide can help. Use the links below to select the information you wish to review.

(+) Goals of the Interview

(+) Goals of the Interview Questions

(+) Elements of Good Interviewing

(+) Structured Interviews

(+) Developing Job-Related Questions

(+) Evaluating Candidate Responses

(+) Questioning Techniques

(+) Improper Interview Questions

(+) Sample Interview Questions

(+) Conducting the Interview

(+) Interviewing Persons with Disabilities

(+) Document the Interview