Critical Illness Insurance

Severe illnesses like heart attacks and stroke often have out-of-pocket expenses that medical insurance doesn't cover. This coverage pays you a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a covered condition. It can help you worry less about expenses so you can focus on your recovery.

You can get coverage for yourself and your family members.

This benefit provides multiple tax-free lump-sum cash payments ($5,000 to $50,000) in the event of a cancer, carcinoma in situ, heart attack, bypass surgery, stroke, benign brain tumor, blindness, coma, major organ failure, occupational HIV, kidney failure and permanent paralysis. It also pays $50 tax-free cash each year for any insured that has any 1 of 26 qualifying health screening exams.  Dependent children are included at no additional cost without any qualification requirements and are covered for 5 additional specific childhood/new born conditions (cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, spina bifida and cleft lip or palate).

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