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A Drury education combines professional training with the liberal arts.

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About Drury's Areas of Study

Drury University is an institution of higher education offering 51 undergraduate majors and 38 undergraduate minors. Drury offers bright, high-achieving students a commitment to personalized education and diversity. Students explore great ideas and confront questions that will successfully prepare them for dynamic careers and enhanced lives as active global participants.

With the exception of transfer and CCPS evening school students, Drury University students completeThe Drury CORE: Engaging Our World Curriculum.

Drury recognizes that both individuals and societies face challenges that are global in scope, and so can only be successfully addressed through forms of collective action that reach across regional and national boundaries. Thus, we are committed to a liberal arts education that equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the pressing challenges and opportunities that await them in today’s interdependent world. Our general education curriculum, The Drury Core: Engaging Our World, prepares students by emphasizing the global connections of all areas of study and by prioritizing applied learning through direct engagement in communities both at home and around the world.   

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