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Please check here before contacting staff with questions about housing and Move-In Day—your question may already be answered!

For questions about housing contracts, assignments, cable TV service, meal plans:

Housing Office
Findlay Student Center 120
(417) 873-7654

For questions about Living-Learning Communities:

First-Year Experience & Transitional Programs
Director: Jennifer Stewart
Findlay Student Center 120
(417) 873-6919

For questions about using your computer on campus:

Technology Services
Springfield Hall 227
Help Desk (417) 873-7300

For questions about special dietary needs:

Fresh Ideas
Findlay Student Center
(417) 873.7286

Can I move in early?

Residents may not move into the halls until we officially open the buildings on Move-In Day. The only exceptions made are for those students required to be here early for school-related reasons such as athletics or orientation.

Will someone help me move into my room?

We will have orientation leaders for First-year students living in the Residence Halls on the August move in day! If you arrive before or after your scheduled freshmen move in time we unfortunately do not have the staff to help you move into your room. Please look for communications from New Student Programs!

Can I move some things into my room before check-in?

Due to security and logistical reasons, you will not have access to your room before you check in. We prepare for your arrival right up until we open the buildings on Move-In morning. Individual requests to store belongings in your room deter us from being ready for Move-In Day.

Can I ship things to the residence hall before I move in?

The university mail room will accept resident mail a week prior to Move-In Day, but no earlier.

Are the buildings air conditioned?

All apartment buildings and residence halls have central air-conditioning.

Do I need a computer or printer?

You do not need to bring a computer to campus. There are numerous computer labs available for you to use on campus. Many students choose to bring their own laptop and printer but it is not necessary. Contact Technology Services for more information.

What kind of technology should I bring?

If you are bringing a computer, be sure to bring all the drivers, software, cables, power cords and Ethernet cords that came with your computer.

What kind of computer will I need?

The decision to bring a Macintosh or Windows computer is a personal preference.  If you bring a laptop, bring a lock to secure it. 

Will I have telephone, cable and Internet access in my room?

Internet and cable are available in each residence hall room. For more information, please see the Amenities page. Phone service is not available in campus housing.  

How big is my room?

Please refer to the housing options page to find floor plans and dimensions. Please note that your assigned room dimensions may vary slightly from the information provided.

What is the color of my room?

Residence hall rooms and apartments (except those in Wallace) are painted either a warm beige or “Drury White.” We do not allow students to paint their residence hall rooms. Floor material and color varies in all buildings.

What should I bring for my room?

We recommend no more than one vehicle-load of personal belongings—students who pack more than this often send most of it home. Below is a list of recommended items.

  • Box cutter
  • Trash bags
  • Wrench to change the bed height (excluding Smith Hall)
  • Moving dolly
  • Linens for single, x-long twin bed (80″ long), pillows, mattress pad or plastic mattress cover, bedspread.
  • Power strips with extra-long cord and built-in surge protector
  • Phone charger
  • Fan
  • Alarm clock
  • Wastebasket
  • Favorite books and/or movies
  • Reading or standing lamp (Note: Halogen lamps are prohibited)
  • Full-length mirror (Sunderland only)
  • Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Checkbook, debit card
  • Social security card (in case you want to get a job)
  • Current insurance card or two-sided copy from parents’ plan covering students
  • Season-appropriate clothing (switch out during breaks if possible)
  • Umbrella
  • Bicycle and U-lock (cable locks can easily be cut)


  • Bathroom towels, washcloths
  • Toiletries including toothbrush and toothbrush holder, tissues, hand soap, shampoo/conditioner, toilet paper, shower caddy
  • Prescriptions, over-the counter medicines and health-related items
  • First aid kit


  • Laptop & laptop bag (Note: Drury has 24-hr computer labs with printers, so a computer is not required)
  • Envelopes, writing paper, stamps
  • Paper, pen etc.
  • Stapler, scissor, hole punch, etc.
  • Backpack or book bag
  • Technology supplies-flash drives, Ethernet cord, etc.


  • Storage shelves
  • Under-bed bins (Sunderland and Wallace only)
  • Over-the-door shoe rack
  • Clothes hangers
  • Bulletin board & thumb tacks (Note: only use 3M Command adhesive and 3M Command adhesive hangers on walls)


  • Microwavable dishes, utensils, drinking cups, etc.
  • Snacks, drinks, etc.
  • Chip clips
  • Can opener


  • HE liquid laundry detergent, dryer sheets, laundry bags or hamper
  • Iron (ironing board provided in laundry room)
  • Small sewing kit
  • Rugs or mats for bathroom and bedroom
  • Decorative shower curtain for Smith, Wallace, and the apartments (Note: Drury provides white shower curtains. Sunderland has shower doors.)
  • Curtains
  • Television with QAM tuner, Blu-Ray/DVD player
  • Coaxial cable for TV
  • Video game console
  • Message board for door
  • Cleaning supplies including toilet & bathtub cleaner, glass cleaner, etc.
  • Small vacuum or broom/Swiffer-type tool
  • Cooking appliances approved for use: toasters (not toaster ovens), coffee makers, one additional mini-fridge up to 4.3 cubic feet per ROOM in Sunderland and Wallace only. All appliances must be UL-approved.

(See the Community Standards Handbook for a detailed list)

  • Unapproved materials for hanging including scotch, duct, electrical or masking tape; gum-type adhesive; tacks, nails and staples; anything else that may damage walls
  • Materials to build a loft in your room
  • Additional non-Drury mini-fridges are prohibited in Smith. Full-size refrigerators are prohibited in all residence halls.
  • Microwaves (we provide them for you)
  • Couches
  • Extension cords
  • Candles with wicks & incense (even if you do not intend to burn it)
  • Pets, other than fish in a max 10 gallon tank, are not permitted. Service & assistance animals are permitted with prior approval from the Housing Office.
  • Empty alcohol containers (even just for decoration) or alcohol paraphernalia
  • Weapons (including air-soft or pellet guns)
  • ANY cooking appliances not listed as approved above. These include, but are not limited to; air fryers, toaster ovens, crock pots, hot plates, George foreman grills, rice cookers and any non UL-listed appliances.

Are my personal belongings insured?

The university accepts no responsibility for students’ lost, stolen or damaged articles. We recommend students get renter’s insurance or ensure they are covered under their parents’ renter’s or homeowner’s insurance prior to arrival.

How long is my bed & what size sheets should I bring?

Drury University twin mattresses measure 80″ long x 36″ wide. The 80″ mattresses will accommodate most large-framed and tall individuals.

Can I build a loft or bunk my bed?

For safety reasons, we do not allow students to build lofts. Wallace and Sunderland Hall have beds that are able to be bunked. Smith Hall beds are stationary.

What date and time can I check in?

What do I need to check in?

The student must be present to check-in. To avoid crowding the check-in table, please ask your family members to remain in the vehicle in a designated unloading zone while you check-in at your hall desk. Check-in before you start unloading.

Where do I get my key?

Fall move-in – Residence hall students:
During the scheduled move-in times, please check in at your residence hall lobby. You will receive your room key after you return the required paperwork at check-in.

If you check-in after the scheduled move-in time, you will need to check-in at the Security Office (FSC 101). LOCK YOUR DOOR each time you leave the room unattended. It’s usually a good idea to keep one family member in the room and one outside with your belongings until everything is moved in.
Spring move-in – Residence hall students: 
Go to the Security Office (FSC 101) to pick up your key at check-in.

Fall & spring move-in – Apartment residents: 
Go to the Security Office (FSC 101) to pick up your key at check-in.

Where can I park and unload my car?

Residence hall students:
Check-in BEFORE you unload your entire vehicle onto the lawn/sidewalk to make sure your housing assignment has not changed. Expect a lot of traffic around the residence halls when you arrive during move-in. Once your car is unloaded, move your car to a different lot to allow others access for unloading their belongings. Residential Life staff appreciates your compliance with the unloading and parking procedures. Following these rules helps the move-in process go more smoothly for all residents.

  • DO NOT pull into a circle drive if it is full of cars. Blocking drives is a traffic violation and you will be asked to move immediately.
  • DO NOT pull up in a handicapped space, onto a sidewalk, or onto the grass to unload. Vehicles in fire lanes or handicapped spaces (without a permit), on the grass, or blocking driving lanes will be ticketed and TOWED.
  • You will not be able to pull your vehicle up to the door of your building. Plan to unload your items onto the sidewalk or grass as near the building as possible and move your vehicle immediately after it’s unloaded to make room for another vehicle to unload. Have a family member stay with your belongings while you move your vehicle.

Apartment residents: 
You may unload your car on the street nearest your apartment or from the nearest College Park parking lot. Vehicles may not be on curbs, sidewalks, or the grass.

Find out where parking is available on campus.

Is there an elevator in my hall?

Smith Hall is a three-story building that does not have elevators. None of the apartment-style housing units have elevators. Sunderland Hall and Wallace Hall do have an elevator, but we recommend you take as many items as possible up the stairwells, in order to reduce the wait time for the elevator. Plan to take your heaviest items on the elevator and lighter items on the stairs. PLEASE DO NOT OVERLOAD THE ELEVATORS. We recommend bringing a dolly/luggage cart to assist you with boxes.

What is this packet of stuff in my room?

Residence hall students: 
As soon as you unlock your room door to move in, you’ll notice a packet of materials for each resident. The residence hall staff placed these items in your room prior to your arrival. Be sure not to lose this paperwork in the shuffle of moving into your room. This information will be helpful as you settle into campus.

What should I do if I notice something broken, damaged, or missing from my room?

When you check in to your housing, you should take note of the condition of the room or apartment and the shared bathroom. Report ANY problems (broken items and cosmetic issues) to or via the work order system. Be sure to note everything that would be considered “damage” to the room above normal age and wear and tear. If you’re unsure if an issue should be reported, feel free to attach a photo or check with your Resident Director or Hall Coordinator. 

Can I paint my room?

We do not permit students to paint their rooms.

How should I hang posters on the wall?

Only use 3M Command adhesives to hang posters and message boards. There are different varieties of these products. Be sure to use the removable ones and not the permanent products. Other putty-like substances can leave an oily residue and may result in damage charges. Residents may not puncture their walls with tacks, nails or other instruments that will cause damage. Ceiling decorations of any kind are not permitted (this includes paint, tacks, screws and adhesive stars and moons).

TIP: Buy approved adhesives before traveling to Springfield for move-in. Springfield stores sell out of these items around move-in time.

Can furniture be removed from the room and replaced with my own?

University-owned room furniture must remain in the resident’s assigned room during the entire contract period. Any missing pieces of furniture at any time will be considered missing and the resident will be charged accordingly.

Is there storage available in the hall?

No. Students must keep all of their belongings and all assigned furniture in their rooms during their contract period. Students may not leave items in the room at the conclusion of their contract period. 

What do I have to do before I can use my computer on campus?

Please contact the Technology Services or call them at (417) 873-7300 for questions about your technology needs.

How do I hook up my computer to the Ethernet?

Please refer to the Technology Services website or call them at (417) 873-7300 for questions about your technology needs. Depending on your campus address, you may use the Drury WiFi or Apogee’s ResNet.

What if I have trouble setting up my computer?

Technology Services provides assistance for students and parents who are experiencing problems while installing computers. Students may call the Help Desk at (417) 873-7300, or visit the Technology Services website. Additionally, they can tell you if your address uses Drury internet or Apogee’s ResNet. 

Can I change my housing assignment?

Moving is not always an option. One of the first things you will do with your new roommate/suitemate is to fill out a roommate agreement form. This opens communication lines and helps facilitate a healthy living environment for everyone. Your RA/CA will provide you with this form. If a student is having conflicts, a Residential Life staff member will try to mediate between the roommates. In some instances, it may be prudent to reassign students. Residence hall students will work with their Resident Directors if reassignment is necessary. Apartment residents should contact their Area Director for reassignment only after mediation with a CA has failed.

How do I get my mail?

Please visit our Amenities page.

Where can I do laundry?

Please visit our Amenities page.

Are kitchen facilities available?

Residence Halls: Smith Hall is the only residence hall with a community kitchen. We do provide one mini-fridge/microwave combo unit per Sunderland suite, and a combo for each room in Smith & Wallace.

Apartment-Style Housing: Please see the Apartment-style Housing page for information about the kitchen amenities in the different apartment types.

Who cleans my room?

You and your roommate/suitemates have that responsibility. Discuss a cleaning schedule with your roommate when completing your roommate agreements. Decide who will purchase replacement wipes, sprays, etc. Our custodial staff keeps community bathrooms, lounges and hallways clean; however, Smith residents should clean up after themselves in the community kitchen.

Who cleans the bathrooms?

In suite-style housing, you and your roommate/suitemates have that responsibility. We recommend developing a rotating cleaning schedule shared by all suitemates. Common area bathrooms are cleaned by custodial staff.

What if something in my room needs to be fixed?

If you notice a problem with your room that needs maintenance, please visit & click “Submit a Work Order.” Students may also log in to MyDrury and click ‘Facilities Services Work Request’ in the red Home menu on the left of the screen. From this link, you can submit Facilities Services work orders online, and track the progress of your maintenance, grounds, and custodial work orders. This same link is also available on the Student tab in MyDrury. If you have a maintenance emergency after 4 p.m. or on a weekend, such as leaking pipes or no heat, contact your RA, Resident Director, or Drury Safety and Security immediately so they can page the on-call maintenance staff.

Technology work requests can be submitted to Drury’s Help Desk. Residential students experiencing issues with the cable television service can find helpful information on the amenities page.

Can I smoke or use chewing tobacco or an e-cigarette on campus?

No. Tobacco/nicotine use is prohibited on campus. Students found in violation of the tobacco policy will be subject to the disciplinary sanction process.

Can freshmen park on campus?

Yes, all residential students may bring cars to campus. You are required to get a free parking tag from the Safety and Security office and follow all parking regulations. You will need to bring a copy of your car’s registration with you to get your permit.

Where do I park my car?

Residential students park in designated lots. See posted signs in parking lots or pick up a map in the Safety and Security Office. Violators are subject to tickets and/or towing. See the Safety and Security site for additional parking information.

When will I receive my parking permit?

You can pick up your free parking permit from the Safety and Security office on Move-In Day. To get your parking permit, please provide your car’s make & model and bring your current vehicle registration papers. You can also preregister on your MyDrury and your permit will be with your keys on Move-in Day.

What should I do if I receive a parking ticket?

Any questions regarding a parking ticket received on the Drury University campus can be directed to the Safety and Security Office at (417) 873-7400 during business hours. To dispute a ticket, visit the Safety and Security office, located on the bottom floor of the FSC.

Where can I use my Meal Plan on campus?

For more information on meal plans and services provided by our food service provider, visit the Fresh Ideas site.

What if I want to live off campus and commute to classes?

Drury requires all full-time day school students to live on campus unless they meet specific exemption criteria. One of those exemptions is living at home with a parent within 30 miles of campus. Even if you meet the criteria, you must apply to live off-campus in order to receive your exemption. 

When will I receive my assignment?

If the Housing Office received your contract & deposit on May 1st or earlier, your housing assignment will be emailed to you the first full week of June. We initially send the assignment to both your Drury email and your personal off-campus account. If your contract & deposit were received after May 1st, you will get an assignment as soon as we have a room & a roommate match for you. The Housing Office makes assignments/changes daily throughout the summer. Even after you receive your initial assignment, you may be reassigned to a different room or receive a new roommate due to the constant changes. Please check your Drury email account regularly for updates.

What if it's mid-June and I don’t have an assignment yet?

If you submitted your housing contract, deposit, and were accepted to Drury before May 1 (Dec 1 for spring admittance) and you did not receive a housing assignment, please call or email the Housing Office. If you finished this process after May 1 (or Dec 1 for spring admittance), your email will be sent at some point before Move-In Day. If you don’t have an assignment the week before Move-In Day, contact for more information.

Where can I find details about my hall?

To read details about the facility you will be living in, visit the housing options list in the left-hand column and select your housing style. Each hall page provides a list of amenities, a general description of the hall, and a link to the virtual tour.

How can I contact my roommate?

Your roommate’s name and Drury e-mail will be in the housing assignment e-mail. Be sure to have a conversation with your roommate about who is bringing large items like the TV, rug, or stereo.

How do I change my meal plan?

Meal plans may be changed by students during the first week of classes. Because this alters your contract with Drury University, it is necessary for the resident to submit a request under their MyDrury for a change. We only accept meal plan changes through this process. Meal plan changes cannot be made over the phone or by a parent.
Commuter meal plans are available in the Housing Office and may be purchased at any point during the academic year.
Meal Plan Choices (per semester)
45 Block Plan with $130 Panther Bucks
90 Block Plan with $200 Panther Bucks 
120 Block Plan with $270 Panther Bucks 
150 Block Plan with $340 Panther Bucks
180 Block Plan with $340 Panther Bucks
Students have 16 weeks to use their meal plan each semester. A block equals one Commons buffet meal, and Panther Bucks will pay for food at the CX where everything is priced in USD. Please note that students may use their blocks at the CX between 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. or they can pay for a buffet with their Panther Bucks. Unused Panther Bucks will roll from fall to spring, but unused blocks do not. Nothing rolls from school year to school year.
Students may swipe in guests to the Commons, but may not give their ID cards to others for use.

I have special dietary needs. Can they be accommodated?

Drury’s food service provider, Fresh Ideas, is happy to accommodate our students’ medical needs. Students can provide a doctor’s note & meet with the Director of Dining Services to discuss reasonable accommodations. Additionally, Fresh Ideas offers vegetarian options for each meal and can share which items are vegan or gluten-free.

How do I find out how many meals or Panther Bucks I have left?

Students may ask the cashier when they swipe in. Students may also download the FreshX app to see their balance at any time.

I am running out of meals. Can my parent add money to my account?

If students run out of meals, they can pay for each meal with cash, credit, or debit card. They can also upgrade their meal plan on their MyDrury at any time during the semester.

What if I forget my ID card and I’m locked out of my hall? What if I’m locked out of my room or apartment?

Use the call box outside your housing facility to contact Safety and Security or use your cell phone to call them at (417) 873-7400.

What if I lose my Drury ID?

It is very important that you are in possession of your Student ID card at all times. NEVER lend it to anyone (even a friend) or leave it lying around due to the potential for theft. Your ID is a precious commodity! If you lose your ID or think it has been stolen, report the loss immediately to Drury Safety and Security at 417-873-7400. You will need to purchase a new ID card for a fee that will be posted to the student’s Drury account.

What if I lose my room key?

If you or your roommate loses your room key, you must report the loss to the Safety and Security Office (417-873-7400) immediately. Facilities will put a new lock on your door and the Safety and Security office will issue you and your roommate new keys. The charge for replacing a core and lost key is $50.00. The student should pay the $50.00 charge at the Business Office and bring the receipt to Security in order to pick up his/her new keys. Under no circumstances may a Drury housing key be duplicated.

How can I keep my bike safe?

You may store your bike in any of the bike racks on campus. Smith Hall also has a bike rack inside the building at the bottom of the two stairwells. We recommend you lock your bike to a bike rack with a U-lock through the frame AND a tire. Chain locks or locks around tires can result in a stolen or damaged bike. Locking your bike to anything other than a bike rack (tree, handrail, street sign, etc.) may be subject to removal by Drury University Safety and Security.

How can I protect my personal belongings from theft?

First, keep your room door locked at all times, especially when you’re sleeping. Second, create a detailed, itemized list of the valuables in your room. Include brand names, model/serial numbers for electronics, original receipts and photos of your possessions. Keep the list and photos in a safe, secure place. If you are a victim of theft, this information will help Drury University Safety and Security identify your belongings if they are recovered.

Be aware that books are a valuable commodity on campus because they can be returned to the University Bookstore (receipt required) or sold to a private bookstore for cash. Keep track of your books and backpack at all times, and NEVER leave books unattended in study areas such as lounges or the library. Keep your books and receipts separate. Books are especially vulnerable to theft during the first few weeks of school and Finals Week. We recommend getting a personal property insurance policy.

Is it safe to walk on campus at night?

We recommend students use common sense when walking around campus at night. Always walk with a friend on well-lit, well-traveled paths. If you are by yourself and need to return to the hall, call your roommate and see if a couple friends could meet you and return with you. If you are walking and feel that you are in danger or something doesn’t seem right, call Drury University Safety and Security at (417) 873-7400. Give them your location and where you are headed and an officer will be dispatched to your location.

What if I need a ride home from off campus?

Drury University has a cooperative agreement with Yellow Cab Company. Students can call a cab and the driver will accept a Drury University student ID number as payment at the time of service. Yellow Cab Company (417-862-5511) sends the bill to Drury and we place the fee for the cab ride on your student bill.

What should I do if the fire alarm goes off?

If the fire alarm goes off, all students must vacate the building and meet at the designated meeting area for the hall, regardless of time of day or weather. See the emergency instructions on the back of your room door for instructions. During a fire alarm, students should put on shoes, wear protective clothing and lock their door on the way out of the building. ALWAYS take the stairs; NEVER take the elevator during a fire. Students must follow directions of staff members during the fire alarm and may return to the hall only after receiving the “all clear” from Residence Life staff and fire department officials.

What if there’s a tornado warning for Greene County?

If you hear the sirens, go to your building’s designated evacuation spot (typically on the lowest level, away from windows, doors and exterior walls. Do not leave these protected areas until the danger has passed. Follow the instructions of hall staff.

If you live in an apartment you may check out weather radios from the Residence Life office. Apartment and Midtown residents should go to the bottom floor of the apartment complex or house. The safest place to take shelter is in a bathroom away from windows. The basement of the Kappa Alpha house, located in the Fraternity Quad, is also available for shelter. Please stay protected until the tornado warning has ended.

Where should I go in the event of an earthquake?

IF INDOORS: Stay indoors unless you are in immediate personal danger. Take cover under a desk or table, or brace yourself in a doorway. Stay away from windows. Protect yourself from objects that can fall on you or items that might shatter.

IF OUTDOORS: Move to an open area away from overhead hazards, like power lines or trees. Stay away from buildings, as bricks, glass or other objects might fall on you. Stay away from parking lots. Cars might be thrown into you by the force of the earthquake.

AFTER THE EARTHQUAKE: If significant damage is evident, evacuate the building and go to the designated assembly area for your hall. Wear sturdy shoes to protect your feet from broken glass. Do not use a land-line telephone. For information, listen to a battery-powered radio. Do not use the elevators due to possible damage or aftershocks. In the assembly area, check-in with the Resident Director (or wait until your name is called) and wait quietly for further instructions. There may be one or more aftershocks. Be prepared for them. DO NOT LEAVE CAMPUS WITHOUT NOTIFYING RESIDENCE LIFE STAFF.

What about safety in the classrooms at Drury?

Most of our classrooms have been outfitted with locks that allow faculty/students/staff to lock the room from the interior in a campus lock-down scenario.

How will Drury contact me if there is a campus-wide emergency?

The Security Office collects student, staff and faculty cell phone numbers so that a campus-wide text message can be sent in the event of a Drury-wide safety threat (like an active shooter). Submission of your cell phone number is optional. The information will not be used for other purposes. General safety announcements and recommendations will go out to the Drury community via Drury email.

Why should I worry about what I post online?

Be cautious when you are using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. You should realize that anyone can view these sites. Don’t post personal contact information, like your address or phone number.