Email with your request for the fastest service. 

Technology Services maintains the network, servers, computers, telephones and most software on Drury campuses. The Technology Services Help Desk coordinates requests for service in these areas.

Help Desk service requests are entered into a ticketing system, prioritized and assigned to a user support technician. Requests are prioritized by order of receipt and need.

Submit a Help Desk Request

  • Emails to automatically become tickets. This is the fastest way to create a ticket.
  • Event requests are submitted using the Event/Equipment Request form linked in the box at the top of this screen.
  • Voicemail messages automatically become tickets but must be transcribed. Please speak clearly.
  • Forms linked in the box at the top of this page also become tickets.
  • Use the button below to create a ticket and check on the status of a ticket.
    • In the Username field, type drury\ followed by your username. (Example: drury\bpolk.)
    • Enter your Drury password in the next field and click Login.

Create a Help Desk Ticket or Check Ticket History

Helpful Tips

  • Confirmation emails are sent when a ticket is created or closed.
  • Use for service requests; do not use
  • Each time you email, a new ticket is created. To avoid duplication and confusion, reply to the confirmation email to communicate about that ticket. If the confirmation email is not available, use
  • Please avoid contacting the Help Desk for status updates unless additional information needs to be relayed.