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CCPS Business Administration (B.B.A.)

The aim of the business program is to provide an opportunity for students to gain a practical understanding of the business aspects of our society. The curriculum is organized to give students a knowledge of business practices and economic processes, the role of business and economics in the world marketplace and an awareness of the major business issues that confront society.

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA) are required to complete the following course requirements:  

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The Bachelor of Business Administration requires a minimum of 54 credit hours.

BBA Tool Courses (30 hrs.)

ACCT 209: Principles of Accounting
3 credit hours

Introduces the student to the role of accounting in a global society. Principles and concepts of financial accounting. Analysis of accounting statements. Accounting cycles and procedures: receivables, inventories and fixed assets.

ACCT 210: Accounting for Management
3 credit hours

Prerequisite: DAY-ACCT 209, MGMT 170. CCPS- ACCT 209, GSTU 210 or GSTU 211.
This course provides an introduction to concepts essential to managerial decision- making as well as the tools and techniques of financial statement analysis with an emphasis on the use of financial statements for external and internal decision-making. Among the topics covered are profitability and ratio analysis, cash flows analysis, present value, inventory costing, cost-volume- profit analysis, variance calculation, and budgeting.

COMM 220: Business Communication and Writing
3 credit hours

Topics considered in this course include basic principles of effective oral and written communication, a brief survey of standard English grammar and usage, and the forms and styles of business correspondence.

ECON 210: Principles of Microeconomics
3 credit hours

An introduction to the theory of markets. The course will examine the determination of product and resource prices; the theory of the firm, the role of competition, the impact of monopoly, externalities and government regulation; international economic relations.

ECON 211: Principles of Macroeconomics
3 credit hours

An introduction to the theories that explain the performance of the overall economy. The course will explore the determination of the level of employment, output and the price level; the monetary and banking systems; problems and policies of economic instability, inflation and growth and principles of economic development; other economic systems.

MATH 201: Mathematics for Social Sciences
3 credit hours

Prerequisite: MATH 109. Topics from finite mathematics and calculus with applications in the social sciences.

MATH 227: Introduction to Statistics
3 credit hours

It is strongly recommended that students have completed one year of high school algebra in order to be successful in this course. A course to acquaint the student with the basic ideas and language of statistics including such topics such as descriptive statistics, correlation and regression, basic experimental design, elementary probability, binomial and normal distributions, estimation and test of hypotheses, and analysis of variance.

MGMT 103: Business Foundations
3 credit hours

An introduction to the fundamental concepts and principles of business enterprise and economics. Introduction to the functions of a business organization. Basic research methods, written and oral reports, discussion of current business, and economic developments. Global business awareness.

MGMT 228: Analytical Methods
3 credit hours

Prerequisites: GSTU 210MATH 227. Study of common techniques for quantitative analysis, and decision making including probability distributions, forecasting models, multivariate correlation and regression, linear programming, queuing analysis and simulation. Team and individual research and problem solving, report writing, and oral presentations. Critical evaluation of assumptions in decision making including qualitative considerations.

MGMT 250: Management Information Systems
3 credit hours

An introduction to the study of the design and application of management information systems in business.

BBA Major Courses (24 hrs.)

FINC 331: Corporate Finance
3 credit hours

Prerequisites: ACCT 210MGMT 228 and admission to Breech School of Business. 
This course is an investigation of the study of corporate finance and its implications. Topics covered include financial statement analysis, cash flow, taxes, the financial environment, interest rates, risk and return, time value of money, and the valuation of stocks, bonds and firms. The course emphasizes that financial managers must deal with various models, assumptions and cultures and are often called upon to make decisions based on qualitative as well as quantitative factors.

GSTU 210: Desktop Applications
3 credit hours

This course focuses on the use of advanced software applications using the latest Microsoft Office software. Students will produce comprehensive, real-world solutions to solve business related problems. Students will utilize Word, Excel, PowerPoint applications and Internet resources. Meets BBA degree technology requirement.

MGMT 301: Leadership and Organizations
3 credit hours

Prerequisite: ACCT 210 and admission to Breech School of Business. 
Introduction to management of organizations, including strategy, leadership and organizational design. Projects in leadership development and evaluation. The project will include a paper and presentation as part of the deliverables.

MGMT 321: Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
3 credit hours

Prerequisite: Admission to Breech School of Business. This course is an overview of laws and regulations as they pertain to the business atmosphere. Topical areas include procedural laws and the court system; alternative means of dispute resolution; constitutional law, torts/products liability, business crimes, contracts, sales, forms of business organizations; and employment regulation. Case analysis and ethical implications are discussed in each area.

MGMT 422: Corporate Policy and Ethics
3 credit hours

Day School Prerequisite: ECON 311 or ECON 312 (as required for your major), MGMT 301, MKTG 337, and admission to Breech School of Business. Continuing Studies Prerequisite: MGMT 301MKTG 337 and admission to Breech School of Business. Senior seminar course for students majoring in accounting, computer information systems, economics, finance, management or marketing. Study of the roles, responsibilities and challenges of business in modern global society. Case analyses and research discussed in seminar format. Emphasis upon critical thinking, effective communication and development of socially responsible business leadership.

MGMT 424: Business Simulation Workshop
3 credit hours

Prerequisites: Admission to Breech School of Business. Senior standing. It is recommended this course be taken concurrently with MGMT 422 and/or final semester prior to graduation. The Business Simulation Workshop offers students the opportunity to learn about, and engage in, a competitive business environment via the CapSim business simulator. Students will partner in close teams to develop a deep understanding of general business strategies and tactics, and they will apply this theoretical understanding by managing various functional areas of a simulated manufacturing firm. By the end of the course, students will understand the basic principles of strategic business management, as well as the decisions that managers make in pursuit of their strategic goals and objectives. Business professionalism constitutes an essential component to the course, as it represents a key success variable in communicating and substantiating business decisions to external business constituents. For this reason, students will make multiple presentations in the course of the semester, to one another, as well as visitors from the business community whenever possible.

MGMT 447: Survey of International Business
3 credit hours

Prerequisite: Admission to Breech School of Business. This course examines the role that political, economic, technological, and sociocultural factors play in today's globalized business environment. To this end students will develop an understanding of organizational and competitive issues and challenges which characterize global business. Through case study, students will explore recent efforts by multinational organizations to effectively address these issues and challenges.

MKTG 337: Marketing
3 credit hours

 Prerequisite: Admission to Breech School of Business. Introduction to effective marketing concepts, strategies, and practices. An analytical approach to recognition of alternative strategic paradigms and their effect on a firm’s marketing. Ethical and social responsibilities of effective domestic and global marketing. Individual and team projects with operating sponsors.

Preparation Program for Master in Business Administration Business Essentials

PMBA 501: Business Essentials
8 credit hours

This intensive five-week course is designed to provide students with a foundation of basic Economic, Finance, Marketing, Statistic, Accounting and Management skills. The course will meet four nights a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) from July through August. Students completing PMBA 501 will receive 8 credit hours of elective credit to apply toward an undergraduate degree from Drury University. Additionally, this course will satisfy all business class prerequisites for entry into the Drury M.B.A. program. S/U Grading.