School of Education Admission Procedures

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State Entrance Exams

ACT Requirements

  • ACT composite score of at least 20
  • ACT or SAT score must be on file if:
    • Applicant graduated high school within five years of date of application to teacher education
    • Applicant began college coursework within one year of high school graduation

Missouri General Education Assessment (MOGea)

  • Passing score information can be found online
  • Score reports are posted to your account for 45 days, so be sure to access the PDF results during that timeframe

Required Coursework

Coursework must be completed or in progress by the time of application.

At least 12 hours of any coursework must be completed at Drury (waived for applicants with an AA/AAT degree).

Six Foundations of Teaching Courses

Undergraduate courses must be completed with a B or higher. Graduate courses must be completed with a B- or higher.

  • EDUC 200 or SCI 621
  • EDUC 201/EDUC208
  • EDUC 212/213
  • EDUC 203/SS 624 or EDUC 205/EDUC 621
  • EDUC 207 or EDUC 607
  • EDUC 302 or EDUC 605

Competency in Written and Oral Communications

Grade of C or higher in one oral communication or speech course.

Grade of C or higher in two writing composition courses (literature courses do not count). FUSE 101 course may be used in place of a composition course.

GPA Requirement

Applicant must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or above.

Background Information

Criminal Background Check

Online registration instructions

Educator Disposition Assessment (EDA) 

To be completed by a full-time SECD faculty member.

Transfer students may have this completed during their first semester at Drury.

Admission Forms

Teacher Education Admission Requirements Checklist

All admission items must be received by the School of Education and Child Development office in Springfield no later than 12 noon on the Friday preceding the monthly TEC meeting for a student to be considered for admission that month.

Major declaration forms

Day School Major Declaration Form