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Earn Your M.Ed. In One Year With Our 4 + 1 Option

The School of Education and Child Development offers a concurrent credit option for undergraduate education students meeting the requirements described in the Graduate Catalog. Eligible students may enroll in up to 9 credit hours of selected graduate courses from the Master in Education programs. Successful completion of these courses will earn both undergraduate credit toward the bachelor’s degree and graduate credit toward a master in education degree. This opportunity allows students to save on tuition costs and expedite their progress toward a Master in Education degree.

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Grades 1-6

The elementary education major and teacher education program are unique for its partnership with neighborhood schools. Education majors connect theory with practice by completing clinical experiences as an integrated part of their professional course work.

For example, reading, mathematics and science methods courses schedule blocks of time when the class and the professor work as a team with teachers at local elementary schools to deliver individualized instruction to children. The result is increased academic performance by the children, and better qualified education students who graduate with practical experience and the ability to connect theory to practice.

The elementary education curriculum consists of the Your Drury Fusion curriculum, education courses and a combination of additional subject area courses that fulfill the 21-hour concentration area required for state certification.

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Degree Requirements

The Elementary Education major requires 61 credit hours of coursework.

Elementary Education Certification Requirements

  • Any two science courses
  • Any one mathematics course above MATH 100
  • HIST 101 or HIST 102
  • Choose one ARTH, ARTZ, MUSC, or THTR course
  • PSYC 101 or SOCI 101

The Elementary Education Major has free electives remaining to meet the graduation requirement of at least 124 hours.

Recommended education-specific electives are provided below for those who wish to deepen their
understanding of special education. The courses are designed to provide the knowledge necessary to
successfully pass the content assessment for Mild/Moderate Cross Categorical Disabilities required for
add-on certification in this area. These courses will not lead to initial certification in the area of
Mild/Moderate Cross Categorical Disabilities