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About the Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program

For post-baccalaureate students that did not earn a teacher certificate during their undergraduate studies, the average number of credit hours necessary to complete the teacher certificate program at Drury University is 45 credit hours. This varies depending on what undergraduate prerequisite courses the student needs to take before starting the professional education foundations courses that lead to a teacher certificate. Once admitted to the program, your academic advisor will do an audit of your transcripts and help you plan a sequence of classes. You can also contact the School of Education & Child Development before applying to the program to discuss what courses you’ll need to take to complete the teacher certification program.

The teacher certifications available through Drury University are limited to the areas approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), and by the Drury University Teacher Education Council.

The preparation of becoming a teacher requires an opportunity to apply theory and knowledge in the context of the school classroom situation if future teachers are to meet the challenging demands placed upon them by the pressure of contemporary society and the modern school. Teachers cannot be prepared in the isolation of the college classroom. The Drury University teacher certification program, although firmly rooted in the liberal arts tradition, is also grounded in a partnership with the public schools. Field experience and student teaching are required to complete the teacher certification program. Course credit is earned through field experience and student teaching that applies towards your certification.

Student teaching must be completed during the Fall Semester or the Spring Semester for a minimum of sixteen (16) weeks in an all-day placement during regular school hours. The student teaching placement must be in the subject area(s) and grade level for which initial teacher certification is sought under the direct supervision of the cooperating teacher.

Note: Many post-baccalaureate certification students also choose to complete a master’s degree in education concurrently with the post-baccalaureate program of study. The principal advantage to this is that some graduate courses may count toward both programs, making your progression toward your educational goals even more efficient and cost-effective.

Areas of Certification

On the Springfield campus the following initial teacher certifications are offered for post-baccalaureate students:

On the Springfield campus, the following endorsements are offered (initial state certification required):

  • Special Reading (K-12)

The only completion program for teacher certification available at the St. Robert campus is Elementary Education (1-6).

Alternative Physical Education Certification 

The Alternative Physical Education Certification Program is designed for post-baccalaureate students seeking initial certification in K-12 Physical Education in the state of Missouri. To begin the program, the student must provide transcripts of any course taken at the baccalaureate level with a cumulative grade point average of no less than 2.75. To qualify for the program, the student must possess a bachelor’s degree in a related content area and have passed the designated Missouri Content Assessment. The program includes all courses required for K-12 Physical Education certification including Field and Clinical Experiences. The culminating internship may be completed as a three credit hour course if the candidate has secured a provisional teaching certificate.

 The Alternative Physical Education Certification is a non-degree seeking program only and should be discussed in consultation with the School of Education and Child Development prior to course registration. Students may complete the certification requirements at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

Additional Information

Transcript Evaluation Process

Transcript evaluations are intended for students who already have a conferred undergraduate degree and are seeking initial teacher certification. Students who are interested in earning a graduate degree in education should also have their transcripts evaluated if they are seeking initial teacher certification. 

Follow the steps below to initiate a transcript evaluation:

  1. Obtain unofficial or official copies of academic transcripts from all post-secondary institutions that you have attended. This includes community colleges where dual high-school credits were earned. Drury University transcripts do not need to be provided. *Please note that official transcripts for all post-secondary institutions attended are required by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for certification purposes.

    Send all transcripts to: Drury University
    Lay Hall – Attn: Coord. of Teacher Certification
    900 North Benton Ave
    Springfield, MO 65802

  2. Call the School of Education and Child Development at (417) 873-7271 and ask to speak with the Coordinator of Teacher Certification. You will be asked for a current e-mail address and phone number. You will also be asked to choose a program of study that you are interested in. Please note that the first transcript evaluation and any related communication or advising is provided at no cost. The fee for each transcript evaluation after the initial is $30. Once payment is received additional transcript evaluations will be completed. Please make checks payable to Drury University School of Education and mail or drop off to the address above.
  3. Once your transcript evaluation is completed it will be sent to you via e-mail from the Coordinator of Teacher Certification as a PDF document. Once you review the transcript evaluation it is recommended that you communicate with the Coordinator of Teacher Certification regarding a specific program of study and the process of registering for courses as a non-degree seeking, post-baccalaureate student.

Please note that if you are admitted into one of the education graduate programs, you still need to have a transcript evaluation completed if you are seeking initial teacher certification. You must complete state requirements, in addition to the requirements of the graduate program. Completing a graduate program is not required for teacher certification.

Please call (417) 873-7369 for clarification regarding state teacher certification requirements.

Please call (417) 873-6948 for clarification regarding graduate program requirements.