Out-of-Class Testing Services Policies and Procedures

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Out-of-Class testing services are provided as an accommodation  to students with disabilities if documentation identifies such testing as appropriate. Examples of test-taking assistance through the ADS office are:

  • Exam questions read aloud
  • Exam answers scribed
  • Extended time with proctor
  • Use of computer with proctor
  • Enlarged print on exams

Download the Out-of-Class Testing Form (PDF)
Download the Drury GO Out-of-Class Testing Form (PDF)

How and When to Request:

  • Schedule out-of-class testing at least 2 days prior to exam day.
    • Call Accessibility and Disability Services at 417-873-7457. (Voicemail is available, so you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
    • Submit “Out-of-Class Testing Services Request” form to ADS (OBT, 142) or Email to
  • DSS staff will not provide services until the appointment has been scheduled.
  • Without 2 days’ notice, the chance of getting services is reduced and you may have to reschedule the exam. Any rescheduling must be approved by the professor.

Scheduling Exam Date and Times:

You must take the exam at the same time/date as the rest of the class. Exception to this expectation may be allowed if it is in writing by the professor.

Location of Out-of-Class Testing

  • All Out-of-Class Testing will be held in Lay Hall, room 11 (downstairs), unless otherwise directed by your professor.
  • For all DruryGO and satellite campuses, please coordinate with the Site Director listed on the Out-of-Class Testing form.

Emergency Rescheduling:

If an emergency situation causes you to miss a scheduled exam, you must contact ADS and the professor immediately. Rescheduled exams must be authorized by the professor.