Drury GO Tutoring

As a Drury GO student, you have access to Tutoring and Writing Center services offered by the Robert and Mary Cox Compass Center as well as access to tutors who are Drury GO students just like you.

Access the Tutoring and Writing Center services on the main campus and online via the Tutor Lounge Discord server.

Book An Appointment with A Tutor

If you would like to inquire about making an appointment with a tutor outside of their scheduled hours, please contact them via email:

Zoom Drop-in Sessions

If you’re not sure when you might be available and would like to drop in and see our tutors, please connect to them using their Zoom links. They will be available for drop-in appointments at all of the times listed in the appointment schedule above.

Tutoring at Drury is part of the campus culture of service and interdependence; it is a commitment students make to one another. At Drury, students have strengths in different areas and support one another to reach their full academic, career, and life potential. Students who tutor in one discipline may be tutored in another. In this way, tutoring at Drury mirrors the post-graduate environment in which every graduate will flourish in some aspects of office, field, lab, or graduate work and also need support and guidance from supervisors, co-workers, and mentors to thrive and contribute fully to their workplaces and communities.

Students who have questions about course concepts should meet with their instructors to review their questions and the material first. Our tutors support students as they revise papers, tackle problem sets, and review their approach to course assignments.

Monett Tutors

A Block Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Moo Shee – 4-7 pm 4-7 pm OFF 5-10 pm
Jose Mondragon – 7-10 pm 9:50 pm-close 5-10 pm OFF


B Block Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Moo Shee – 4-7 pm 4-7 pm OFF 5-10 pm
Jose Mondragon – 7-10 pm 7-10 pm 5-10 pm OFF

Meet the Tutoring Team

The Faculty Coordinator for Drury GO Tutoring is Dr. Shannon Cuff, Associate Provost of Adult, Online, and Graduate Education. Dr. Cuff works with departmental faculty to create productive learning environments for participants and tutors. Questions can be directed to Dr. Cuff at

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Meet Shaye

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