How to Request Transcripts

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Transcripts of credit will be issued by the Office of Records & Registration to all present and former students subject to certain conditions. In order to assure that records are confidential, Drury University issues official transcripts only upon written authorization of the student. Financial obligations to the college must be satisfied.

Official Transcripts

When sending a transcript to a school, organization, or employer, an official copy is optimal. Current and former students can request an official transcript online through the National Student Clearinghouse, by mail, or in person. There is an $8.40 fee for a transcript ordered online and a $12.00 fee for a transcript ordered via mail or in person.

Order Online:
Drury University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide transcript ordering via the Web.
Delivery options for this method:

    1. PDF format via email.
    2. Hard copy mailed to recipient.
    3. Hard copy picked up in the Office of Records & Registration.

Order via Mail:
PDF format is not available for official transcript requests received by mail.
Delivery options for this method are:

    1. Hard copy mailed to recipient.
    2. Hard copy picked up in the Office of Records & Registration.

Download Official Transcript Request Form

Unofficial Transcripts

Currently enrolled students can access and print an unofficial transcript through MyDrury.

Step 1: Login to MyDrury.
Step 2: Click on the Student Tab.
Step 3: Click on Unofficial Transcript (links located on the left side of the page).
Step 4: Using the drop down menu, select the Division you would like to view.

Students who are not currently enrolled can request an unofficial transcript in person in the Office of Records & Registration.