Mentee Resource Guide

Suggestions for Activities:

  • Connect with each other on LinkedIn.
  • Conduct an “information interview.”
  • Meet in person for a networking or volunteer event.
  • Schedule a job shadow visit, if possible.
  • Attend a Drury event together.
  • Role play a particularly challenging professional situation encountered.
  • Share articles or read the same book and discuss.
  • Ask your mentor for referrals to other networking contacts as needed.
  • Ask your mentor to conduct a mock interview via phone, Skype or in person. 
  • Ask for advice concerning and/or a review of your LinkedIn profile, resume, cover letter, graduate school materials, etc.

Discussion Topics may Include:

  • Career exploration and direction
  • Networking
  • Professional dress
  • Workplace and professional etiquette
  • Evaluating job offers
  • Time management
  • Resume and cover letter development
  • Graduate school guidance
  • Interview practice
  • Goal setting
  • Online image management and review, including social media and LinkedIn
  • Professional organization involvement 

Conversation Starters:

Review your mentor’s LinkedIn profile, if applicable, and consider developing questions based on the information he/she provided. Think about what you want to share with your mentor about your background, Drury experience and interests. Below are some sample questions you might want to ask your mentor.

  • Tell me about your Drury experience. What did you like best about it?
  • How did you decide on your career direction?
  • Did you complete internships or other hands-on experiences while at Drury?
  • How did you transition from college to the professional world?
  • Ask about a current event or issue in your field of interest.