Mentoring Overview

Our goal is to help facilitate meaningful connections between students and alumni for professional networking opportunities and mentoring. This may be through a one-time conversation that helps provide guidance, a long-term mentoring relationship, or anything in between.

Examples of reasons to reach out to an alumni connection:

  • Learn more about a particular industry or career
  • Expert advice for specific skills (sales pitches, public speaking, etc.)
  • Guidance in regards to a particular graduate program, industry or career path
  • General mentor support as you navigate through college

Drury alumni are found in a wide range of fields all across the world. They are eager to connect with students and assist in various ways! Alumni Connections can be a valuable resource, supporter, and guide whether serving as a short or long-term mentor

How Do I Connect?

Students can complete a connection request form at any time throughout the year, indicating the reason for desiring an Alumni Connection, career fields or industries of interest, campus activities, geographic locations, etc. Connections are based on determining the best fit for desired goals by the offices of Advancement and Career Planning & Development.

*Expect a response from Career Planning & Development within a few weeks with information on how to connect with a Drury alum.

What can I expect?

Length of connection, conversations and activities are determined by mutual agreement between the student and alumnus. Since you and your Alumni Connection decide how and when you connect, you build and grow the connection the way that works best for both of you. The Alumni and Career Planning & Development teams serve as resources to help maintain these connections and have provided tips and ideas below.

Tips for being a good Student Connection include:

  • Consider Your Goals: What do you hope to achieve from this connection? Share your goals at the beginning of your relationship and communicate any changes. Once goals are met, you may find yourselves moving away from an “active connection” status toward a simple “networking connection” status. At that time, we highly recommend relaying gratitude for the assistance and guidance they provided to you. Pro tip: Keep in touch with general networking connections on occasion!
  • Be Proactive: Alumni participate because they enjoy making an impact! Although it may be uncomfortable to reach out to a person you do not know, take initiative. Your comfort level will increase each time you interact.
  • Listen: Whether your Alumni Connection graduated 3 years ago or 30 years ago, he or she will have stories to tell. You will likely already have many to share as well!
  • Communication: Alumni Connections are likely just as busy as you! They may not respond as quickly as you would like, or one of you may forget to reply. It may be beneficial for you to each discuss your general response time. This way, you will know if something may have been overlooked and follow up is needed.
  • Politeness Counts: The Alumni Connection has given their time to assist in your development. It is important to be respectful and polite throughout all of your interactions. 

Potential activities:

  • Connect with each other on LinkedIn.
  • Conduct an “information interview” to learn more about their field.
  • Schedule a job shadow visit, if possible.
  • Attend a Drury event together.
  • Share articles or read the same book and discuss.
  • Ask for referrals to other networking contacts as needed.