Program Costs and Financial Aid

Cost of Attendance

Tuition for the PA program is a flat annual rate billed each semester. The actual dates of attendance and annual tuition and fees may vary somewhat from year to year. Changes to these costs are updated on this webpage as soon as the figures are available to post. “Cost of Attendance” only covers the months that a student is enrolled in classes.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total
  Fall 2023 Spring 2024 Summer 2024 Fall 2024 Spring 2025 Summer 2025 Fall 2025  
Direct Costs        
Tuition $41,550 $41,550 $10,000 $93,100
Program Fees $2500 $1000 $200 $3700
Health Center Fee $200 $200 $75 $475
Graduation Fee     $25 $25
Estimated Total Direct Costs     $44,250 $42,750 $10,300 $97,300
Indirect Costs
Books – Required books and e-resources $1000 $250 $1250
Background Check $50 $50 $100
Drug Screening $50 $50 $100
National certification exam (PANCE) fees $550 $550
BLS/ACLS/PALS $150 – 350 $350
Medical Equipment Total: (estimate) $900 $0   $900
Scrubs (2 pair) $150 $150 $300
Est’d Total Indirect Costs of Attendance $46,400 $43,600 $10,850 $100,850
Personal Expenses      
Housing allowance (room, board, utilities) $8000 $8000 $3000 $19,000
Transportation $1000 $2500 $500 $4000
Personal Expense $2500 $2500 $1000 $6000
Estimated Total Cost of Attendance $57,900 $56,600 $15,350 $129,850

Note: The $1000.00 Admissions seat deposit is nonrefundable, but it will be applied to first year tuition.

*The listed costs are all approximate and subject to change based on Board of Trustees approval.

Room and Board

The following room and board costs are estimates of expenses the “average” student may incur during each year of enrollment in the PA program.

  • Rent for a two-bedroom apartment/shared
  • Utilities
  • Phone
  • Miscellaneous (renter’s insurance, garbage pickup, etc.)
  • Food

Rotation Expenses: The bulk of rotation expenses are covered in the “Cost of Attendance”. Specific rotations may require additional expenses that are the responsibility of the student.

**Other estimated expenses the student may incur are one-time fees of $550.00 for the PANCE test, background screening of $67.00, and fingerprinting charges of $50.00 to $60 (fee dependent on residency). These prices are subject to change.

Drury University’s Payment Policy

Drury University’s payment policy requires that all students be either paid in full (net of scholarships and pending financial aid) two weeks prior to the first day of the semester or be current on a payment plan for any balance exceeding scholarships and financial aid. If no aid or payments have been made prior to the first day of the semester, Drury’s payment plan requires 25% of the semester balance be paid to attend classes. A new Payment Plan agreement must be completed for each semester in which you register. If you change your registration, the payment plan will automatically adjust based on your registration. If your financial aid changes, the payment plan will also adjust accordingly.

The cost to participate in the payment plan is $40 each semester. The payment methods are automatic bank payment (ACH) or credit/debit card (MasterCard, Discover, and America Express are accepted. An additional fee will be assessed for payment by credit/debit card.) Payments are processed on the 5th of each month and will continue until the balance is paid in full. Email communications of each step will come to the student and family as desired.

Students who have financial aid that will cover their entire semester balance will still complete the online Pending Aid Payment Plan (with no charge unless the aid does not happen).

Please note that students who are not current on a payment plan or paid in full two weeks prior to the first day of school may be dis-enrolled from all classes.

To find out more information regarding Drury’s payment plan, please go to If you have questions, please contact Drury Student Financial Services at (417) 873-7343 or

Any balance not covered by an approved payment plan will be assessed interest at 1% per month on the unpaid balance, or 12% per annum. A past due student account balance will result in notification from the Director of Financial Services to the student to officially withdraw from classes.


Financial Aid


Drury PA students will have access to the Financial Aid department. The PA program will also work with the financial aid department regarding the needs of our students.

Paying for physician assistant school often requires student loans. When you are accepted into the program you can apply for Federal Aid – Unsubsidized Loans, Graduate PLUS Loans, and Alternative loans.


Federal Aid – Unsubsidized Loan

To apply for the Federal Aid – Unsubsidized Loans you will need to fill out a FAFSA form. You will automatically qualify for $20,500 of unsubsidized loans. Unsubsidized loans are student loans provided through the federal government. Interest accrues on these loans while you are in graduate school, but they usually have a lower interest rate than loans through a private lender. These loans will not be due for repayment until six months after graduation from PA school.


Graduate PLUS Loan

Additional loans are often required to cover the cost of PA school. You may apply for the Direct Graduate PLUS Loan to compensate for any extra funding needed to cover the cost of attendance. PLUS loans are granted to students with good credit history. To qualify for the PLUS loan, you must have applied for the maximum amount of the Federal Aid – Unsubsidized loan. Apply for a Graduate PLUS loan:


Official Drop/Withdrawal/Refund Policy

It is the responsibility of the student to initiate and complete a withdrawal process at the Registrar’s Office. No other notice will suffice. Non-attendance of classes does not constitute official drop or withdrawal.

Each year the university publishes a calendar guide for institutional refunds and complies with the Return of Title IV Funds policy for federal programs. Each term/block will have a specific published refund period during which students will receive a full refund for any dropped courses dropped by 5:00 p.m. on the published date. The Drury PA Program is a lockstep program, and a student may not drop any individual course. Students who wish to drop a course must withdraw from the university.

Students may receive a 100 percent refund for a full semester and A-block classes dropped by the second Friday of the semester in Fall or Spring term. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific add/drop deadlines and other important semester dates. Program withdrawal after the published refund date is fully charged and will appear as a “withdrawn” on the student transcript.

Applicable refunds for students receiving federal and/or state financial aid will be calculated in reference to the student’s date of notification of withdrawal, last date of academic attendance or the midpoint of the period.

If a student has an unpaid account with the university, any tuition refund due from a drop will be applied to such unpaid accounts.

For courses that are scheduled out of sequence of the regular fall, winter, spring and summer semesters, the day published as the first day of the semester or term constitutes the beginning of the course for tuition refund purposes. No refunds are available for courses scheduled out of sequence after the course has commenced.