Physician Assistant FAQ

How long is the program?

DUPAP is 27 consecutive months that begins in August with graduation in November.

What degree does DUPAP offer?

We will award a Master of Science Degree in Physician Assistant Studies (MS-PAS)

When does the application cycle open for Drury University’s PA program?

October 1st

When do you recommend applying to the program?

We recommend submitting your best and most complete application early in the application cycle.

How do I get an application?

DUPAP uses the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA).  Please follow this link to apply to our program:

Is there a supplemental application?

We do not require a supplemental application via CASPA or other application services.

Is there a seat deposit for admitted students?

Yes, there is a $1000 non-refundable seat deposit

Do I need a bachelor’s degree to get into the program?

Yes.  You must have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university.  The degree must be completed by June 1 of the year of matriculation.  For example:  If you are accepted into the program in March of 2023, you must have your undergraduate degree by June 1st of 2023 to enroll in the fall of 2023.

What if I have a bachelor’s degree from another country?

At this time, we are not accepting bachelor’s degrees from other countries.

Do you require the GRE, MCAT, or PA-CAT?

We require either the GRE or PA-CAT.  We do, however, consider your grades and course work of primary importance in terms of academic preparation.

What is the deadline to complete my prerequisite courses?

All prerequisite courses must be complete by June 1 in the year of matriculation.

What does it mean to have a rolling admissions process?

Rolling admissions is the evaluation, interviewing, and offers or denials of acceptance of applications as they are submitted. As applications are submitted, we invite the most qualified candidates for interviews.  Each interviewee will be notified of their acceptance status within three weeks of their interview. 

Am I able to update grades and experiences after submitting the CASPA application?

CASPA allows you to add coursework, grades, and experiences to your application after it has been submitted.

My institution offers combined anatomy/physiology course. Do I need to take separate courses? Do I need to take a lab for both courses?

You may either take separate courses in anatomy and physiology, or you can substitute two semesters of combined anatomy/physiology courses.  We require anatomy and physiology courses have labs, and highly encourage face-to-face experiences for anatomy labs.

We do NOT accept comparative animal or mammalian anatomy and physiology courses.

How will your curriculum be taught?

The didactic phase comprises the first 14 months with students involved in classroom, laboratory, small group, OSCE, and experiential learning opportunities.  The clinical phase lasts 13 months in which students are assigned to supervised clinical rotations at various inpatient, outpatient, and emergent settings.

Find more information about the curriculum here

Do you offer any international elective rotations?

No. We do not offer international rotations.

Is it okay to take online courses to cover prerequisites?

Yes, online courses will meet the prerequisite course requirements.  We recommend prerequisite courses be of sufficient rigor to ensure success in PA school.

How recently do my prerequisite courses need to be taken?

All prerequisite courses must be taken within ten years prior to matriculation.

Can I use AP credit to fulfill prerequisite requirements?

AP credits are not accepted to fulfill prerequisite requirements.  IB and CLEP exam credits are also not accepted.

How will I know if a prerequisite course I have taken/plan to take will meet the program requirements?

If you are unsure whether a course meets prerequisite requirements, email a copy of the catalog course description and/or syllabus to

How will the application process by affected by the pandemic?

There are no adjustments to the admissions process due to the pandemic.  Any adjustments will be communicated on our website.  If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email us at

Does the program offer a waiver to only review the last 60 credit hours?

No. We will review all academic performance but consider improvement over the last 60 hours completed.

What kind of students are you seeking for your program?

Students accepted into our program will demonstrate maturity, academic success, leadership skills, and grit.  We seek applicants with strong communication skills who will be advocates for their patients.

How should I prepare if I am invited to an interview?

This is your time to shine and to demonstrate why you want to be a physician assistant.  Our best advice is to be yourself and to answer all questions honestly.  The interview process is for both the Drury University Physician Assistant Program and for you.  Through the interview we can both learn whether we are a good fit for each other.

Can I interview by Zoom?

At this time, we are only conducting interviews in person.  We feel it is important to meet you in person so we can better get to know you, and you can get to know us, our program, and our campus.  We feel the interview process is a two-way street and that we are both making a decision.