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About the Nursing Program

Drury University's College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences partners with Cox College to offer a dual degree program that can be completed in four years, resulting in a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Drury's traditional day school and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Cox College.

Program Highlights

Graduates of this dual degree program enjoy a number of benefits to this unique program, including:

  • An excellent professional education in nursing coupled with a liberal arts foundation
  • Access to engage with the many student experiences available at Drury (e.g., community outreach/volunteering, honor societies, social networks)
  • Professional healthcare training allowing them to become high quality, engaged nursing professionals who have the skills and vision necessary to advance their careers and benefit their communities

Students participating in this dual degree program are required to attend Drury's traditional day school for two semesters prior to attending Cox College.

Students enrolled in this dual degree program will maintain all the privileges of a Drury student for the four years they are in the program. These benefits include:

Contact information:

Dr. Ioana Popescu
Drury University
TSC 107
  Amy Townsend
Cox College
Room 319

Recommended Course Progression

Dr. Ioana Popescu, Drury University Nursing Advisor, can assist you with the various aspects of your professional development. Amy Townsend, Cox College Chair of Undergraduate Nursing, is our contact with Cox College and is available to answer any specific questions you may have regarding nursing requirements.

Important Note: In order to participate in the dual degree BA Biology/BS Nursing program students must attend Drury day school for two semesters.

Year 1 Fall

CORE-101: The Drury Seminar
CORE 103: Drury Explorations

BIOL 172: Exploring Molecular Biology
CHEM 238: Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 238-L: Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
MATH 211: Precalculus
Humanities Elective

Year 1 Spring

BIOL 181: Mechanisms of Genetic Inheritance
BIOL 208: Microbiology
BIOL 302: Human Nutrition
MATH 227: Introduction to Statistics
PLSC 101: Government and Politics in the United States

Year 1 Summer

SPAN 101: Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 102: Elementary Spanish II
NRSI 200

Year 2 Fall

BIOL 182: Evolution
BIOL 205: Human Anatomy
PHYS 201: Principles of Physics
PHIL 305: Ethical Issues in Health Care
SOCI 101: Introduction to Sociology

Year 2 Spring

NRSI 202
NRSI 206
NRSI 215
BIOL 378: Advanced Human Physiology I

Year 2 Summer

BIOL 382: Pathophysiology
Fine Arts Elective

Year 3 Fall

NRSI 302
NRSI 212
NRSI 306
SOCI 316: Minority Groups

Year 3 Spring

NRSI 304
NRSI 305
NRSI 400
NRSI 300
ENGL 207: Expository Writing: Art of the Essay

Year 3 Summer

PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 230: Life Span Development
Humanities Elective

Year 4 Fall

NRSI 310
NRSI 404
Global Foundations

Year 4 Spring

NRSI 410
NRSI 402
NRSI 406
Fine Arts Elective