Health Science Minor

The Health Science minor is only available to students admitted to Drury’s traditional day school who complete a major and the Your Drury Fusion curriculum at Drury and simultaneously earn an Associate of Science degree with a major in nursing from Cox College. Courses from the ASN program at Cox will transfer to Drury to fulfill the requirements for the Health Science minor.
The Health Science minor requires 73 credit hours of coursework.

Cox ASN Coursework

NURS 105: Clinical Applications I
NURS 106: Clinical Applications II
NURS 205: Critical Thinking
NURS 206: Clinical Applications III
NURS 208: Clinical Applications IV
NURS 215: Pharmacological Basis of Nursing Practice
NURS 220: NCLEX Preparation
NURS 303: Professional Nursing Concepts
NURS 309: Fundamentals of Gerontology

**All courses also required for the Associate of Science-Nursing Major that will be taken at Cox College and
transferred back to Drury in order to complete the minor in Health Science at Drury.