Drury Fusion Curriculum

Drury Fusion is a guaranteed experience for all students. It has been carefully designed to equip students for life and profession through a blend of academic credentials.

  • Each Drury student is guaranteed at least three credentials (credentials being majors, minors, and certificates).
  • Of the three credentials, at least one must be in the “Life” category and one must be in the “Profession” category.

Drury Fusion integrates theoretical learning with real-world projects and problems in order to empower students to develop intellectually and gain marketable competencies. Drury Fusion is structured to provide the knowledge, perspectives, and skills associated with a liberal arts and sciences education.

Drury Fusion has three components: first-year seminar courses, Exploration requirements, and certificates.

First-Year Seminar Courses

Frontiers: Frontiers is the gateway course to Drury Fusion. It introduces students to academic work at the collegiate level and fosters their discovery within a community of the many educational pathways available to them at Drury. Each course section has its own theme, developed by faculty members from a wide variety of disciplines. The emphasis is on developing skills in writing, critical thinking, and information literacy.

Intersections: Intersections continues the process of intellectual discovery begun in Frontiers. Topic-based sections are co-taught by faculty from different disciplines who introduce students to their different disciplinary approaches. Students will refine their ability to address issues and problems by developing novel strategies for analysis and understanding. The emphasis is on collaborative, student-led assignments.

Drury Explorations

Drury Exploration categories support a broad education by allowing students to explore the world through seven broad, compelling liberal arts and sciences areas: Creative Explorations, Ethical Explorations, Exploring Communities and Civic Engagement, Exploring Global Cultures, Exploring the Natural World, Exploring Self and Others, and Exploring Narratives and Texts. These courses may overlap with majors, minors, and certificates, because of this experience.


A certificate is a widely-recognized credential that is distinct from both majors and minors. It emphasizes depth in multiple disciplines. Certificates will allow students a measure of freedom to design their curriculum consistent with their interests and goals, and will provide a meaningful framework for problem-based, hands-on experiences.

More About Certificates

First Year Seminar Courses

Drury Explorations (21-22 hrs.)

Select one course from each of the following categories: