Pre-Pharmacy Program

A pharmacist is responsible for filling and dispensing medication, as well as assisting patients with any question they might have about their medication. In order to become a doctor of pharmacy and receive a Pharm. D., students must graduate from pharmacy school. Entrance requirements for pharmacy school vary greatly, but one standard is the PCAT, or Pharmacy College Admission Test. There are a wide variety of career opportunities. These range from work in corporate chains or hospitals to working in a privately owned pharmacy as an entrepreneur.


The Pharmacy College Admissions Test is a standardized exam designed to measure general academic ability in addition to scientific knowledge. The exam is offered at various test centers three times a year and is required by all pharmacy schools to supplement other application material. It consists of six sections: verbal ability, biology, reading comprehension, quantitative ability, chemistry and writing. Success on the test requires at least one year of collegiate education with courses in biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry and mathematics.