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What should I expect from the Writing Center?

The consultants at the Writing Center can help you improve many aspects of your writing: ideas and focus, organization and style, second language issues, transitions, formatting, grammar, citations, and many other things. We can also help you organize your thoughts and give tips on how to get started on papers. Our focus is to help you become a better writer by empowering you with knowledge. We do this by having you take an active role in the writing process.

How long will I spend at the Writing Center?

Writing center sessions last approximately one hour. 

What does the Writing Center expect from me?

Please double space your papers and bring in any handouts or specific instructions related to your assignment, especially with regards to citing sources. It definitely helps to run a spell check and fix whatever minor errors on your own so we can focus on broader issues. Come prepared to talk about your paper and your writing process with the Writing Consultant.

How late can I come in?

Please try to bring in your papers no later than one hour before closing. Writing center hours vary, so plan ahead. To ensure a consulting session, make an online reservation.

How long of a paper can I bring in?

Consultants will help you revise as much of a paper as possible in the one-hour session. For long papers, you should plan on attending multiple sessions. 

When is the Writing Center busy?

The Writing Center becomes very busy in the two weeks before midterms and finals, so come in as early as possible. Although you should always try to bring in a paper at least 3 or 4 days before the due date, this becomes vital during midterms and before finals week.

How often can I visit the Writing Center?

We encourage you to visit the Writing Center as frequently as you need to.

Where is the Writing Center located?

The Writing Center is located in the C.H. “Chub” O’Reilly Enterprise Center and Breech School of Business Administration in the Compass Center Resource Library, or room 130.”

We look forward to working with you!