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The Student Activities Office is committed to Drury University students engaging in high-quality, safe and fun undergraduate co-curricular experiences through positive student, campus and community involvement reinforcing the Drury University mission; understanding that students who participate in co-curricular activities will ultimately achieve an enhanced collegiate experience and in doing so, contribute as active participants to improve the global community.

Student Activities Motto
Meaningful Involvement Everyday

Student Activities Core Values
The Student Activities Office core values formally outline our beliefs and relationship to improving student culture at Drury through key values and actions.

  1. Collaboration: We connect campus organizations leaders to engage our students in partnerships that improve our community.
  2. Adventure: We view each interaction as an opportunity for new, exciting experiences and each relationship as a chance to make a difference.
  3. Service: We make positive contributions to advance the well-being our community.
  4. Integrity: Appreciating consistency and truth, we hold ourselves accountable to the significant impact of our actions.
  5. Sustained Growth: We are both teachers and students, growing and changing each day in knowledge and participation.
  6. Innovation: We are agents of change, unafraid to challenge the status quo to improve our community.
  7. Civility: We welcome and appreciate people from all walks of life and their contributions to our society.
  8. Meaningful Involvement: In accordance with the liberal arts tradition, we pursue balanced participation and wisdom to improve our community and ourselves.
  9. Relevance: We work to progressively accomplish our goals and the mission statement of our university.

Student Activities Objectives
The Student Activities Office core values culminate in enhancing the Drury experience through meaningful, intentional, positive involvement in Student Activities

  • Facilitate meaningful, intentional involvement opportunities that create well-rounded individuals by promoting positive personal development and effective collaboration
  • Maintain a responsible, relevant student-centered environment of open communication, effective collaboration, progressive idea implementation and well-timed follow-through are standard practices.
  • Mentor Student Activities stakeholders to appreciate and improve all Student Activities procedures, programs and policies and support responsible individuals & organizations that realize the Student Activities Core Values.
  • Partner with campus departments, cohort universities and national organizations to participate in student-centered initiatives that enhance student interests and promote a positive involvement experience.
  • Commit to effective management, continued training and professional development for Student Activities professional staff and student employees allowing our team to support Student Activities stakeholders.
  • Conduct regular assessments and involve key stakeholders to enhance Student Activities.

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