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Fall Orientation Student Activities Fair & Panther Palooza Sign-Up


Student Activities Fair Standards

The Student Activities Fair is held each year during Orientation. Participating in the fair is a free, fun, and easy way for first-year Drury students to join a student organization, a fraternity or sorority, a club sport or intramurals team, or get involved in a campus department program.

Student Activities Fair Participation
To attend the Student Activities Fair, simply attend New Student Orientation events and make plans to attend the Student Activities Fair as directed by your orientation leader. You will probably attend the Student Activities Fair with your orientation class, but it is fine to attend on your own as well.

What to expect at the Student Activities Fair
The Student Activities Fair is a fun, exciting experience. But it is also busy, loud and can be a bit overwhelming. Plan to be moderately packed in a large event space with about one hundred other students and vendors. Student organizations, fraternities and sororities, club sports teams, the intramurals office, and other campus departments will each have a booth with information about their group and an opportunity for you to sign up to get more information about the group, meet current members,and make connections with people that have similar interests as you. Once you’ve visited all of the booths that are interesting to you, you may leave the Student Activities Fair.

Best Practices for Student Activities Fair
New students have a great opportunity to get involved by participating in the Student Activities Fair. And by following these basic tips, you will be able to jump-start your college connections through your co-curricular experiences. At the fair, plan to:

  • Be Proactive: If you want to get involved, do well in your classes and make new friends; you are the one that has to make the effort. It might be a little uncomfortable at first, but stretching your comfort zone and being proactive will make a positive impact on your collegiate experience. Drury students want you to be in their group and want to be your friend.
  • Try New Things: Things are different in college and now is your time to embrace this. Play intramurals, join a student organization or a club sport team, join a fraternity or sorority, participate in a theater production; whatever sounds interesting, just try it out. You could end up really liking it.
  • Meet Current Students: It’s always nice to meet someone who has been there, done that, and had a good time. Current Drury students are ready and excited to share with you what they’ve learned and give you information to help you get involved in the best groups for you.
  • Ask Questions: Chances are you have questions about getting involved at Drury and finding the right student organization match for you. We’d recommend that you ask yourself about groups of interest:
    • What am I looking for in an organization?
    • Do I know the goals and accomplishments of the group?
    • Can I meet the time, financial and academic requirements?
    • Does the group feel like a natural fit?
    • Will membership still allow me to pursue my own interests?
    • Will involvement enhance my academic and career goals?