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Honors students, even during a semester transformed by COVID-19, do great things, including engage in research projects that deepen their learning. These students worked closely with faculty to get a much richer sense of course topics and to complete ground-breaking research for their honors theses. The Honors Program would like to recognize these amazing students and the faculty that supervised them. Typically, the Honors Program would have hosted the Fall Honors Symposium so students could share their research. Due to COVID-19, honors students could not present their research from the Fall semester at the Fall Honors Symposium. Instead of meeting in person, two White-Foster Research Scholarship winners and five students completing honors option contract recorded videos where they discussed their research. You can watch their videos and get a sense of the research honors students are doing.


“Racism in the Big Band Era of Jazz”

“Study of Phosphofructokinase-1 Inhibition By a Novel Naphthoquinone Analog”

“Microcytic and Macrocytic Anemia Related Mortality”

“Goosecoid and Neurod1 Expression in Inner Ear Neuron Development”

“The Consequences of Social Comparison Utilization on State Self-Esteem, State Self-Confidence, and Emotional States of College Students Regarding Effort and Achievemet”

“Neuroqueering Education: Recontextualizing Schools and Their Roles in the Neurodiversity Paradigm and the Development of SEL Curricula”

“Perfluorocarbon Utilization For Oxygenn Delivery to Cancerous Cells”


“Comparing Romantic Scripts of Same-Gender and Other-Gender Relationships”

“The Contested Countryside: Peasant Engagement with the Supernatural in Carolingian Francia”

“Developing Analytical Methods for Studying Inhibitors of Phosphofructokinases Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography”

“Differences Between Populations of Faxonius Neglectus Negelctus Through Common-Garden Experiments and Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing”

“The Effect of EPHA1 on Neuron Delmaniation in Chicken Otocysts”

“Effects of Plumbagin Analogs on the JAK-STAT Pathway”

“Private Automobiles and Their Impact on American Cities”

“Role of GSC in Neuroblast Delamination of Chicken Otocysts”

“Synthesis of Heteroaromatic Analogues of Curcumin”


“International Criminal Law and Non-compliance: A Case Study of the Yemen Crisis”

“Should I Stay or Should I Go? Motivating Factors Behind Music Therapy Major Retention”

“Beauty in Another Language”

“The Effects of Hatha Yoga on Perceived Stress in College Students”

“Developing a Text-Parsing Tool That Adds Emojis Through Tone Indicators”

“Applying Optimal Diet Selection to Sciurus carolinensis”

“The Role of GSC in Neuroblast Delamination of Chicken Otocysts”

“Why We Still Need Independent Bookstores”

“Waxing Parodic: Examining American Popular Culture through the Commentary of ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic”

“The Evolving Role of Social Media for Non-Profit Organizations”


“How the South Will Write Again: Southern Literature and Politics”

“Examining the Gap in Pre-Service Teacher Instruction: The Relationship Between Literacy Assessments & Assessment Literacy”

“Navigating Mental Illness: A Literary Study in Two Parts”

“International Criminal Law and Non-compliance: A Case Study of the Yemen Crisis”

“The Unspoken Industry: Fighting Sex Trafficking in Missouri”

“How Does Mutating the Arabidopsis Tetraspanin Proteins 8 and Effect the Plant’s Growth When Exposed to an External Stressor?”

“Should I Stay or Should I Go? Motivating Factors Behind Music Therapy Retention”

“Free Radical Scavenging Activity of American Dogwood Tree Bark”


“The Myth of Sisterhood in Wonder Woman

“Dirty Jobs Aren’t Dirty: Overcoming the Stigma of Work Force Development at Community Colleges”

“Apoptosis Induction and The Effect of Novel Naphthoquinone”

“Social Loafing and Priming: Is there a Way to Promote Group Effort?”

“The Tax Implications of Bitcoin Transactions”

“This Land is Your Land: Virtue Ethics and our National Parks”

“It is Nutty Behavior: Optimal Foraging Behavior of Sciurus carolinensis

“Understanding and Explaining the Significance of the Horse in Islam”

“Naphthoquinone Analogs on the JAK/STAT”


“100 Thumbs Up, Eggplant: How Emoji Develop Meaning in Three Languages”

“Ask Me to Lead: Degendering West Coast Swing”

“Understanding the Arab Spring Through Individual and Country Participation Rates Related to the Effects of Neoliberalism Post 1980: A Literature Review and OLS Model Regression”


“Batrachotoxin and Its Effect on Crayfish Neurons”

“Predicting the Unpredictable: Forecasting Atypical Elections”

“The Application of Sustainable Indices to Springfield, MO”

“A Study of Asian American Experience and Identity in the Midwest”

“Assessing the Impact of Strict Voter Identification Laws: Do They Matter and If So, How?”

“Associations Between Childhood Experiences and Adult Humane  Attitudes”

“Does Population Density Affect Political Ideology? Analysis of Data from the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election”


“Coral Disease and Its Prevalence Along the Roatan, Honduras Coastline of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System”

“Forcing Compliance: Police Training – Perspectives and Responses to Use of Force”

“Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer: Reality in Rimas”

“’I Feel Different’: An Examination of Uncertainty Management Processes of International Students”

“Optimization of Novel Techniques to Study Cell-Cell Transmission of HIV”

“Political Participation and Anti-Americanism: A Case Study of Iraq”

“Shaping Renaissance Florence’s Identity Through Devotion to Marian Miraculous Images”


“Alcatraz and Azkaban: Theories of Criminality in Harry Potter”

“Originalism v. the Living Constitution: An Interpretive Debate”

“Religious Ecstasy and Pentecostalism: A Look into the Factors that Drive Ecstatic Episodes”

“Speaking the Same Language: Court Interpretation in Southwest Missouri”

“A Tale of Two Twitters”

“Theatre: Creating. Doing. Being.”


“Dan Brown, Conspiracy, and the Public Eye: Understanding the Appeal of The Da Vinci Code to Post-9/11 Readers”

“Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling as a Therapeutic Resource: A Comprehensive Analysis”

“The Pain Predicament: Finding an Integrative Approach to Chronic Pain”

“The Synthesis of Bach Into Twentieth Century Voices”

“Voting Isn’t Fair: The Underlying Voting Power Distribution of the United States’ Electoral College”

White-Foster Research Scholarship (this award is for Junior or Senior female honors students who are proposing a research project for the year)